2.6K cops to secure ‘Undas’ in Caraga

The Police Regional Office in the Caraga Region (PRO-13) said on Wednesday some 2,688 police personnel have been deployed to secure the observance of Undas, or All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day from Nov. 1 to 2. Major Jennifer Omiter, chief of the PRO-13 Information Office, said maximum security will be implemented in cemeteries, memorial parks, churches, transportation hubs and other places of convergence in the region. 'Checkpoints will also be established in the major highways in the region to ensure the safety of motorists and travelers, especially those visiting our region from other areas,' Omiter said in an interview. Police personnel will also work hand-in-hand with the other security sectors, including the Armed Forces of the Philippines, she added. In a statement Wednesday, PRO-13 director, Brig. Gen. Kirby John Kraft, said operational guidelines for the Undas have been issued to the five provincial police offices in the region, including the support units from the Regional Mobile Force Battalion. 'PRO-13 will maintain its checkpoints along the roads and will establish at least one police assistance center in every cemetery with the local government units, civilian volunteer organizations and civic clubs,' he said. Kraft also urged the public to take the necessary precautions when leaving their homes unattended, and to report suspicious activities to the nearest police unit. Thousands of residents in the provinces are expected to visit the graves of their loved ones in cemeteries and memorial parks during Undas.

Source: Philippines News Agency