6 police officers involved in the shooting case of a highway inspector have been imprisoned.

Nakhon Pathom police detained six police officers involved in the shooting death of a highway patrolman in the middle of a party at Kamnan Nok's house. Sent to the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct, Region 7, Samut Songkhram, ready to object to bail, while 2 people close to Kamnan Nok who joined in destroying evidence confess completely

6 police officers, including Pol. Lt. Col. Kiattisak investigative inspector Krathum Baen Police Station, Pol. Lt. Nimit, Deputy Traffic Inspector of Nakhon Pathom City, and Pol. Lt. Natthaphon, Pol. Lt. Narongsak, Pol. Lt. Prasan, Pol. Lt. .praise who holds the position of Deputy Inspector of Prevention and Suppression Operations Highway Police Station 1 was taken down from the detention room by police. Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station To take the bus to the Criminal Court for Corruption and Misconduct Cases, Region 7, Samut Songkhram Province. Amidst the tight reinforcement The reporter noticed that everyone had a serious expression on their face. and even tried to inquire about the incident But all the police kept their heads down, did not speak, did not answer any questions.

After the reporter tried to ask, everyone lowered their heads. The prison car moved out. Muang Nakhon Pathom Police Station There were 5 vans and special operations vehicles accompanying the escort, and as soon as the convoy reached the Criminal Court for Corruption and the Most Responsible, 7 turned into the back of the court. and sent six police officers into the courtroom Without allowing reporters to enter and record images. During getting out of the car and in the courtroom

The deputy commander of the Nakhon Pathom Provincial Police revealed that this morning he went up to talk to all 6 police officers, all of whom were in a stressed state. Just say it briefly. I would like to leave my family, children and wife. Please help take care of me. Because I don't know when it will come out. The deputy commander could only offer encouragement. Let everyone tell the whole truth. so that heavy may not become light

"Big Joke" reveals that people involved in the case said the same thing. "Kamnan Nok" ordered him to pull the trigger.

In this case, Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, deputy police commander, confirmed that 26 police officers and 10 civilians were involved and that the first group of police was at fault for not stopping the incident and the second group was for participating in destroying evidence. and took Kamnan Nok or Mr. Praveen Chanklai to escape, while the third group was the group involved in taking Pol. Lt. Col. Siwakorn Saibua and Pol. Lt. Col. Wasin Panpee, who had been shot, to the hospital.

Meanwhile, the 6 police officers who were taken into custody today were charged with 3 offenses of neglecting to perform their duties, helping criminals avoid punishment, and hiding evidence. As for those involved in Pol.Gen.Surachet has already been interrogated All gave the same information that Mr. Praveen I'm the one who gives orders. As for the murder, it's not a sticker tribute story. But it was a request to transfer a police officer and it was rejected. Confident in the evidence This case, Kamnan Nok Definitely won't fall off. In the following sections, the results of the investigation of the Kamnan Nok network will be expanded. including business operations Various auctions Is it legal or not? If it falls into the category of auction hopping must be prosecuted and continue to confiscate property

Source: Thai News Agency