A famous restaurant met with a gang of scammers, ordered expensive wine, claiming to treat MPs, losing nearly half a million.

Rayong 27 Aug-owner of a famous restaurant in Rayong Complained that he was deceived by a group of crooks to arrange a banquet "Mr. Sor Sor" ordered almost a hundred thousand bottles of wine Finally lost almost half a million.

Mrs. Piyachat, the owner of a famous restaurant in Rayong Complained that a gang of criminals had created a scam until they lost 432,000 baht, which happened on August 19th. and after the incident reported to Muang Rayong Police Station Ready to notify the bank that transfers the money. and banks of crooks used to receive money transfers to help track But the case has not made any progress.

Mrs. Piyachat said that the day of the incident occurred around noon. A woman called to ask if she would like to hold a party on behalf of the company at 6:30 p.m. on the same day. Then asked to add their line. and order many food items for the restaurant to prepare all the time talking on the phone The woman has requested changes to her meal several times. after agreeing Send a bank slip to transfer money for food 14,319 baht to see via Line But the shop hasn't checked yet. Then the villain ordered a high-priced wine. which the shop doesn't have But the culprit claims that MPs and guests must only drink this level of wine. and introducing stores that sell a lot of such branded wines. By adding Line to the Line ID "Wine_w986" and informing that if they agree to trade, inform the amount of money to transfer money to When contacting the shop via Line It appears that the desired wine is complete. And the shop is still willing to return all products. After agreeing on the price therefore informing the price to the said woman and replied that he was ready to transfer the money immediately So he transferred money to buy wine, total 432, 000 baht to the wine shop by transferring money to the account of 2 banks

Mrs. Piyachat said that after transferring the money feel abnormal because check the total balance has not yet been credited to the account So ask the same woman. Get an answer and give a phone number to contact the account manager. Called, no one picked up. Later, a call came in. It's a man, said to be an account manager. said in a dissatisfied tone that he didn't have to worry. If the money does not come in, it will be paid in cash. and still said that he was going to the store After that, I couldn't contact anyone anymore. Therefore hurry to report After notifying The bank examined it and found that it was a group of crooks. to report again that he was tricked by fraudsters into transferring money Because there are many transfers, the amount is 49,999 baht per time to avoid face verification.

Mrs. Piyachat further revealed that a group of thieves with all 3 characters is a contact woman, a wine shop and an account manager. using a common method Called in and made me busy changing the menu. and wrapped up a bottle of wine as a gift Until there is no time to check the account when you know it's late Know that many restaurants have been deceived by fraudsters in the same way. .–Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency