A young man from Korat burns a cap gun and shoots his younger brother in the chest, killing him.

A young man carried a cap gun into the forest to shoot birds. But the bullet stuck in the barrel couldn't shoot, so he burned the barrel, hoping that the gunpowder would melt, but the gun fired and the bullet hit the relative's chest and died.

The scene occurred in the area of Rai Mu 14, Ban Sub Nam Yen Village, Pak Chong Sub-district, Pak Chong District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province. The injured person,

Mr. Prawut, 32, was shot with an unknown firearm. Entered the area under the left breast, the bullet was embedded in it, still unconscious, later the doctor confirmed that the wounded were dead.

Mrs. Lamphun, 54, Mr. Prawut's mother, said that in the morning, Mr. Prawut along with a friend went to the forest to cut down an acacia tree. to make a goat shed. Suddenly heard the sound of a gun shot, do not know which direction it came from. and Mr. Prawut was knocked down by a bullet. Without knowing who shot him The police questioned a friend who was with him who was acting suspicious. Therefore, the investigative team was assigned to find news and track down the culprit. and interrogate friends that everyone goes together

Even Mr. Komsan, 37 years old, who was a relative of the deceased confessed that while going to the forest to cut the acacia tree with friends Bring a Thai-made long cap gun with you. to find a bird to shoot But it appears that the gun does not fire. because the bearings were put in for a long time Therefore set fire to the gun barrel to melt the gunpowder But the gun went off. The bullet hit Mr. Prawut in the front seat causing him to fall. The police detained them to identify the scene of the incident and prosecute them according to the law

Source: Thai News Agency