A young man playing a dating app was scammed by a woman who lost hundreds of thousands of arms without touching him.

Nonthaburi, Aug. 27-Open-minded young programmer posted a famous page after using a dating app. Being deceived by a girl who lost hundreds of thousands of money, didn't catch him

Yesterday, a reporter went to the area of a department store, Ngamwongwan Road, Nonthaburi Province, to inquire about such cases with Mr. Nonthakit, 30 years old, a programmer at a company. After playing the dating app, Ms. Am, 28 years old (changed her name) tricked out that she had bought shares with a well-known company and got a profit. But can't get it all by yourself. A person who is not offspring must receive it instead. by agreeing to split the money half And let Mr. Nonthakit be the one who pays the income tax instead There is a balance in the real account, but the check is bounced. When he realized that he had been deceived, he filed a complaint at Muang Nonthaburi Police Station The incident happened on August 14

Mr. Nonthakit said that while talking he said he had to meet him first. If it's ok, let's continue talking. So we met at a department store on Ngamwongwan Road. While talking, we felt that we had something in common. He thought he would like it. The next day, Ms. Am made a scam that bought a fund for 2,000,000 baht and got a profit of 190%, amounting to 3,800,000 baht. Am could receive only 2 million, and the rest had to be given to people. other than offspring Become a beneficiary So it was agreed that the money would be split in half, amounting to 900,000 baht, and they would go to an ATM to trick them into withdrawing money from each account. The total amount of money that was pressed on the first day was 290,000 baht. But Am did not come. Said he had 900,000 baht left and had to pay taxes. and asked how much he had So told Am that there was another 85,000 baht.

Began to suspect that she would be deceived and Miss Am tried to ask for her account, expecting to pretend to transfer money to deceive herself again. So he filed a complaint at Muang Nonthaburi Police Station Ms. Am talked to the police. pretending to know the allegations Then did not contact again. He tried to contact, but the line was cut off all the time. I want the police to speed up the case as well.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency