Accelerate problem solving, work transparently, do not trade positions

Prime Minister holds the first special cabinet meeting Reiterate that it is the government of the people. Aiming to solve economic problems Social divisions, speeding up creations to solve problems Ensuring transparency honor civil servants Do not trade positions

Srettha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance presides over a special meeting of the Cabinet (Cabinet) to discuss the preparation of the Cabinet's policy statement to the Parliament that will take place on September 11. Today's meeting is the first special cabinet meeting. Which would like to clarify the guidelines for working together as the government of all Thai people. which he said in many stages We will be the government of the people. We will work for the people Act strictly according to the constitution and the law. Committed to solving economic problems inequality, social problems, problems with divisions of thought

The prime minister said the government would try to fix it as quickly as possible. will work with speed What can we do first without sticking to the law? I want to hurry up to create works Hurry up to produce the work because all the people are in trouble. Today we are still working until the government policy statement. If you enter the ministry, collect data. for further work

“I would like to emphasize transparency in work. Especially the issue of transferring civil servants is an important issue. which must be sympathetic to all sectors in the work Because every civil servant, he works, wants to have progress in his work. I want you to respect civil servants. Regarding position trading, there must be no Ask all ministries to help each other in this matter, ”said the Prime Minister

Source: Thai News Agency