Acknowledgment, the Senator is concerned about the policy of “Settha”

Parliament, Aug. 21-"Seri" has not yet decided to vote. "Srettha" suggested to clarify the allegations to the parliament, accepting the senators concerned about the election policy. MPs dismantling the constitution-do not confirm tomorrow will get the prime minister. the

Mr. Seree Suwanpanon, member of the Senate (Senator) as Chairman of the Committee on Political Development and Public Participation, the Senate revealed the progress of investigating the petition that Mr. Ruangkrai Leekitwattana, a member of the Pracharath Party. Please check the qualifications of Mr. Srettha Thavisin, Pheu Thai Party's prime ministerial candidate. who was accused by Mr. Chuwit Kamolvisit of evading land purchase tax The petition is being reviewed. By taking the evidence and documents that Mr. Chuwit disclosed to the public and from officials of the Department of Lands taken into consideration believe that the land purchase tax Revenue officials will check some. please don't worry and asked to wait for the commissioner's consideration

“From the various complaints made against Mr. Srettha It definitely affects the decision of the senator, coupled with past behavior. qualifications and ethics Including things that have happened in the past. without asking to conclude that Finally, tomorrow (Aug. 22), Mr. Srettha will be approved as Prime Minister or not, because Senators still have various opinions. Decisions will be made at the parliamentary meeting,” Seri said.

As for whether there are any additional conditions that make The senators did not vote for Mr. Srettha or not. Mr. Seri said that part of the senators were still concerned about the Pheu Thai Party's constitutional amendment policy. to have an election of members of the Constituent Assembly (S.A.R.) because if the election MPs happen It can be expected that Which group will be elected to serve? which, if coming to amend the constitution Still can't confirm whether it will be a revision of the entire edition or not. and may affect the institution national security organization The decision of the Senate must be prohibited from touching on the amendment of Section 1, Form of State and Section 2, the Monarchy. including the issue of qualifications prohibited characteristics and the ethics of Mr. Srettha as well

“I haven't decided which direction I'm going to vote for. Because you will have to wait and see the reasons and various information, Mr. Srettha should come and show his vision and answer any questions that arise in person. Because although the regulations of the meeting do not specify But the Speaker of the National Assembly allowed Mr. Srettha to clarify. And Mr. Srettha did not wish to clarify. It is the right of Mr. Srettha.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency