ACT unites Thai people against corruption, highlights 5 demands from the new government

Anti-Corruption Organization Unite the power of Thai people against corruption Join in announcing a commitment against cheating, presenting 5 demands to the new government Set up a war room to proactively solve problems. Launched the website "ACT Ai" for Thai people to join in investigating corruption-prone projects

Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) organizes "Anti-Corruption Day 2023" on September 6 at Bangkok Central Station Apiwat (Bang Sue), gathering more than 3,000 Thai people to fight against corruption under the concept WHAT THE FACT ? "Searching for sincerity in anti-corruption" to encourage people to easily participate in corruption investigations. More than 3,000 people and organizations participated in the parade to show their strength against corruption, including MCOT Plc., as a mass media agency that emphasizes anti-corruption, according to the policy of "MCOT, transparent, far away." Far from corruption Everyone has to help each other. Create Sustainability” and is a member of the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition of Thailand. In the fight against corruption (CAC) has joined forces against corruption. led by Mr. Suvit wealth Executive Vice President Office of Human Resources along with MCOT employees joining the parade Under the concept of "Sure before sharing"

It is a good opportunity to see the participation of the people. Let's join forces on Anti-Corruption Day again. This year marks the 12th time and the objective is to be a platform to show the power of all sectors. in solving the problem of corruption and that today's event has a new government leader joining It is indeed a good opportunity for people to listen to the policy. Implementation guidelines as well as the intention and determination of the government in solving corruption problems The corruption situation in Thailand is at a critical stage. From the severity and magnitude of the problem that affects everyone both in various social dimensions and in the economy that is difficult to estimate the damage. Because it is a protracted problem that has been accumulating for a long time and is more severe than any disaster problem. On behalf of the people's organization, we would like to present 5 anti-corruption demands to the new government. Under the leadership of Mr. Settha Thavisin, the Prime Minister who participated in declaring a commitment against cheating To show the position in solving the corruption problem of the government in the past

1. Establish the suppression of corruption as a national agenda. Set up a committee with representatives from all sectors.

Chaired by the Prime Minister, together with the "War Room for Anti-Corruption Joint Action Center", proactively accelerating the corruption crisis is the main mission. on the principle of participation from all sectors for timely work

2. Encourage the NACC, OIA and NACC to perform their duties independently, impartially, with unity from the government.

3. Accelerate the issuance of pending anti-corruption laws, such as the law on public information in the possession of the state, the law to protect whistleblowers. or laws to prevent conflicts of interest, etc.

4. All agencies must be ready to disclose information, from TOR to various contracts in a form that can be linked to ACT Ai in accordance with international standards, transparently and accurately.

5. Amend various government regulations that are used as an excuse for refusing to disclose information on corruption problems. and when found a case of corruption Follow up and fix the punishment immediately. Don't delay until the people forget.

“To overcome the corruption crisis successfully until the well-being of the people in that society It requires the role and power of cooperation from people from all sectors. Including the commitment in clear policies and practices from the government sector. But the most important thing is The government must not disappoint the people. does not reduce the power of public participation and must take serious responsibility This makes the participation process even stronger,” Mr. Wichian said.

At the event, there was also a forum for women's power against corruption "ACTIVE WOMEN" to show the role of women in anti-corruption. By inviting influential people in various sectors, including Assoc. Prof. Dr. Saowanee Thairungroj, advisor to the university council. and former president of the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce Ms. Onfah Vejjajiva, Secretary-General of the Public Sector Development Commission, Ms. Parinda Khumthampinit News anchor, Nattha Mahattana, social issues analyst, and Jongjai Kitsawaeng, owner of Jae Jong fried pork brand. Moderated by Dr. Wit Sitthiwekin

There is also a demonstration of using the website “ACT Ai” by Khun Nui Pongsuk Hiranpruek, an IT influencer. which allows the public to easily participate in auditing projects that are at risk of corruption, simply “just search for ACT Ai if in doubt” is a channel for the public to easily participate in auditing projects that have suspicions through Website “ACT Ai”

Source: Thai News Agency