Additional charges were filed against “Chada”‘s relatives and others after drugs were found.

Bangkok, Police report additional charges against "Chada"'s relatives and others after test results were found to contain narcotics. Prepare to be sent to court for detention today. Progress in the case where the Metropolitan Investigation Team 1 arrested Mr. Noraset Thaiseth, Yatichada and 4 people gathered together to find drugs. In a hotel in the area of ??Makkasan Police Station, Police Colonel Urumphon Khun Det Samrit revealed that after recording the arrest and submitting a drug test yesterday, the results of the test were recently released and it was found that there were drugs in all four suspects, so one more charge was filed for using drugs by the accused. All 4 denied all charges and asked to fight in court. As for the interrogation, the accused cooperated very well. Throughout the night, the accused who was detained in the cell did not make any requests. Today, four suspects will be detained and sent to the court to request the court's authority to imprison them first. On charges of using drugs /possessing ice without permission. As for Mr. Noraseth Was charged with additional charges of possessing a firearm without permission/carrying a firearm. and ammunition into towns, villages, or public roads without reasonable cause. Mr. Krirkiat Kingkaew, the accused's lawyer, revealed that during the interrogation by the investigating officers, everyone denied every allegation. On this day, relatives prepared securities. It is cash in the amount of 4-50,000 baht to be bailed out in court. Source: Thai News Agency