Adorning Oneself with Noble Manners and Morals

Islam places great emphasis on manners and morals in life. In fact, manners and morals are vital and prioritized before learning any knowledge. Looking after manners and morals cover various angles. This includes manners with Allah SWT, manners with Rasulullah SAW, manners with parents, teachers, neighbours, society, even with all creatures of Allah SWT. The matter was among the content of the Friday Sermon titled 'Adorning Oneself with Noble Manners and Morals'.

Some of the manners and morals in Islam that need to be applied in our daily lives are: First: Be gentle, which means gentleness in every word and deed. Second: Be kind to neighbours. Doing good and strengthening relations among neighbours is very important for the harmony of life in the community and the country. Third: Keeping and fulfilling promises. Islam emphasizes the obligation to keep and fulfill promises, as it is a symbol of honesty, trust and purity of a person's heart. Fourth: Smile. Many people think that this practice of smiling is just a small practice that is easy to do and leave behind. But the Prophet Muhammad SAW forbids us to belittle it. This is because showing a cheerful and radiant face when meeting fellow Muslims will get a reward such as the reward of giving alms.

Source: Radio Television Brunei