Advise the Royal Thai Navy to build confidence by clearly explaining budget spending.

"Wiroj" asks the Navy Commander to show his policy of controlling the navy I.O. if it breaks the law, are he ready to take responsibility in every case? Recommend wanting to build public confidence Just open up transparent information. Explain the use of the budget clearly.

Mr. Wirot Lakkhanaadisorn, MP for the Kaew Klai Party, mentioned the case of Admiral Adung Phan-iam, the latest navy commander. Statement of policy for accepting position Prepare to oversee public relations and information operations (IO) of the Navy. In order for the people to have a good feeling about the agency that Initially, we must first understand the operations of news or public relations. If it is to publicize the facts Disclose information or provide clarification to relieve public concerns. In this part, he agrees. And there is no problem if government agencies take action and in the Military Committee that he is the chairman of. is ready to support the work of the Navy as well

“But if the IO operation is propaganda Disseminating information in a provocative manner or cause people to receive only one-sided information about the military It is not intended to disseminate facts. But it aims to make the people see the good with what is wrong. including inappropriate budget spending In this part, he views it as deceiving the public. and is not beneficial to the army in both the short and long term,” Mr. Wirot said.

Mr. Wirot said that in the case shown on the presentation slide, it was stated that Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy Will proceed to supervise the IO operations himself. Does that mean that if the IO operations are illegal, the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy will be responsible and responsible for both civil and criminal matters as well? He asked for clarification on this part and asked the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy to go back and look at the field manual on preventing and suppressing insurgency (R.S. 100-20) which mentions information operations in the form of creating unilateral perception Creating fake news and fake news Including the defamation of that color. It must be used against the opposing party and used in war conditions only. In addition, the manual also clearly states that Do not use such operations against the same party, such as civilians.

“I would like the Commander-in-Chief of the Royal Thai Navy to look back at the manual and see what can be done and what cannot be done. He should be more familiar with the manual than anyone else. I understand that what the Commander-in-Chief of the Navy wants to do is to restore confidence in the Navy and trust from the public sector. I agree, but what can gain trust from the public sector? I believe that only the military's information will be disclosed so transparently to the public that people will no longer be concerned. To restore the dignity and honor of the army The best approach is to disclose information transparently. Clarifying to the public until all doubts are eliminated Until the people are confident that the budget and taxes come from every drop of the people's sweat and labor. It is truly used for the benefit of the people. There is no change, no corruption,” Mr. Wirot said.

Source: Thai News Agency