Amazing view, old quarry Ban Tham Thonglang, beautiful blue water

Phang Nga, The most beautiful view at Phang Nga. Tham Thonglang old stone quarry Blue water and pine forest in the valley similar to Switzerland

The world of social media posts and shares images. A large pond with blue waters and a pine forest in a valley. Until it became a new check-in point in Phang Nga Province, an old quarry. Ban Tham Thonglang, Village No. 2, Tham Thonglang Subdistrict, Thap Put District, Phang Nga Province. Now both local and provincial tourists regularly visit the beauty and take photos as souvenirs.

This quarry is on the road to Khao Tam Non Village, Village No. 1 and Ban Nai Wang, Village No. 4, Tham Thong Lang Subdistrict, approximately 1.5 kilometers from Phetkasem Road, Khao Nang Hong - Thap Put District, a large pond along the mountain. There are traces of quarrying before. There is a depth of about 10-20 meters from the edge of the pond to the surface of the water. And there is also a pine forest that grows neatly and beautifully. On the other side is a high mountain. Therefore, it is quite dangerous if you are not careful when standing near the lake to take photos. Because the edges of the rocky pond are not tightly packed together. May slip and slide into the pond.

Tourists say that When I first saw it on social media, I didn't believe that the water was this blue. When we actually looked at it, we found that the water was really blue. The view contrasting with the pine forest along the pond is truly beautiful. When taking pictures, you get a natural feel similar to Switzerland. It is expected to be popular with tourists for sure. But the local government or community should come in and manage it to ensure safety for tourists. While it is reported that The communities in the area have decided not to allow it to be developed into a tourist spot. causing no one to take care of And people who come to travel must take care of their own safety.

Source: Thai News Agency