Arrest warrant issued for “Captain Boy”, missed appointment to hear appeal murder case

The court issues an arrest warrant. Bail bondsman fined 1 million, Captain Boy, former deputy detective inspector of Wang Thonglang, missed appointment to hear appeal. murder case The deceased's mother felt disappointed. I once promised to take responsibility but never did.

Time: 9:00 a.m. on September 7 at the consideration room 909, Criminal Court, Ratchadaphisek Road. The court scheduled an appointment to hear the Court of Appeal's judgment. The case of murder of another person, black number Aor. 2353 / 2020, where the prosecutor of Criminal Division 9 is the plaintiff, sued Police Lieutenant Colonel Songklod Bunsong or "Captain Boy", 32 years old, former Deputy Police Inspector at Wang Thonglang Police Station. Being a defendant in the offense of intentionally killing another person.

The plaintiff's prosecutor stated that the prosecution was guilty, concluding that on June 20, 2020, at night, the defendant had the intent to kill another person by using a .45 caliber handgun, license plate number ??. 54289016, of the defendant, pointing it at the head. S. Pimchadaporn Phuyamsai or Nong Nim, 30 years old, wife whose marriage was not registered. In order to intimidate the defendant, he could see that if the gunshot was fired it would cause the death of the deceased. As a result, the hand of the deceased touched the said firearm and caused the firearm to fire 1 round, the bullet hitting Ms. Pimchadaporn in the head causing her death. The incident occurred inside the townhouse. Sena Villa Village Happyland Road, Khlong Chan Subdistrict, Bang Kapi District, Bangkok Request punishment for the defendant for the offense of intentionally killing another person. According to Section 288 of the Criminal Code, the defendant denies defending the case.

In the case on June 15, 2022, the Criminal Court considered the testimony and evidence of both sides and ruled that the defendant had committed an offense according to Criminal Code Section 288: 20 years in prison and compensation of 720,000 baht, confiscation of seized firearms. Later, the Criminal Court allowed the defendant to be temporarily released during the appeal of the case by setting a cash bail price of 1 million baht. However, when the time came for the defendant's lawyer, informed the court that The lawyer was unable to contact the defendant.

The court considered and found that The defendant received a lawful summons and did not appear in court without notifying the cause of action. or request to postpone the case Circumstances believe that the defendant fled. Therefore, an arrest warrant was issued for the defendant to come listen to the Court of Appeal's judgment. The bail bondsman was duly aware of the appointment and did not deliver the defendant as scheduled. It is considered a breach of the insurance contract. The bail bondsman must be fined the full amount according to the contract, 1 million baht, and make an appointment to reread the Court of Appeal's judgment on October 10th at 9:00 a.m.

Later, the deceased's mother, who is a co-plaintiff in the case, said that Feeling disappointed that Captain Boy didn't come to hear the verdict. Because before this he had promised himself that i am man I want to take responsibility for what I do. But in the end it disappeared. In the past, I had not had much contact with him. But he had some contact with the niece and daughter of the deceased. And currently he has not received any compensation. From Captain Boy

As the dead man's uncle said: If Captain Boy is innocent Believe in the justice process You have to come to court. You don't have to run away from anything you've done. Just ask that you accept the results.

Source: Thai News Agency