Arrest warrants issued for 2 more people in iPhone swindling gang

Bangkok,Police Commander reveals that the cyber police are expanding the results of financial routes from horse accounts. The process of selling iPhones Before arrest warrants were issued for 2 more people

Latest developments in the case of Mathayom 6 students being tricked into buying iPhones online. Recently, Police General Torsak Sukwimon, Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police, revealed that the Cyber Police has expanded the financial route from the horse account. The previous arrests were listed as 4 horses and 1 money changer, making it possible to expand the results to issuing arrest warrants for 2 additional people, 1 of whom is 1 foreigner and 1 Thai, both of whom have administrative duties. Manage money After the money is transferred into the horse account, there will be someone waiting to withdraw the cash. and bring the cash to these 2 people to deal with the money further

However, Police Commander-in-Chief Pol. Gen. Torsak Sukwimon confirmed that this case will not stop here. The results of the arrest will be extended to the leaders of the movement. who is expected to be a foreigner But the race cannot be determined.

Future protection Next week, the Cyber Police will have a meeting with Ministry of Digital Economy and Society To find a common way to prevent crimes like this, the Police Commander has an idea to propose amending the law. About opening an account It may be offered to open 1 person per 1 account to make it easier to investigate financial paths. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency