Awesome! “DJ Matoom” brings brands to Thai people Shining on the Seoul Fashion Week runway

In addition to being happy to be one of the Thai people who participated in the fashion show at Seoul Fashion Week, held in Seoul, South Korea, "DJ Matum Techin" also felt proud. So cool that we bring "TESIT student uniforms" Thai brand clothes. Sewing skills by a new and energetic Thai designer. Go walk and show your aura of perfection on a world-class runway. which received praise from people at the event as well as foreign media who came to interview about the outfit in droves.

“DJ Matoom” posted to share this proud story via his personal Instagram @dj_matoom with a message stating, “Seoul fashion week #day3 for today's first gate look, Matoom thought for a long time about what to wear. Which brand is better, high-end or a foreign brand? Finally, Bael was chosen. “TSIT Student Uniform” is a genuine Thai children's brand. Tailored by a new and energetic designer. @chaytoninblack I admit that I made the right decision because everyone looked at this outfit and admired it very much. Plus, foreign media asked for an interview about this set and the Thai brand as well.

Source: Thai News Agency