BAAC revamps the A-Mobile Plus app

BAAC revamps the A-Mobile Plus app to BAAC Mobile, just one application. With a complete financial service, withdraw, transfer, top up, pay, buy lottery tickets, check BAAC lottery tickets, apply for loans starting 19 Sept. 2023.

Mr. Chatchai Sirilai, Manager of the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC), said that BAAC has revamped the name and logo of the Mobile Banking application from A-Mobile Plus to BAAC Mobile to provide services. Complete financial services that are modern and meet lifestyle needs in the digital age. By using the logo to design it, emphasizing the BAAC brand, it is easy to remember. Search and is an international standard. In the past, BAAC has provided Mobile Banking services through the BAAC A-Mobile application since 2018. More than 3.15 million customers have registered to use it and make transactions. Through the app, more than 736 million items have been accumulated, with a total value of more than 2.143 trillion baht to support the number of customers. continuously increasing

BAAC therefore upgrades Mobile Banking from A-Mobile Plus to BAAC Mobile with various features. and truly answer the needs of users Whether opening a savings account Verifying account details Applying for a loan, buying lottery tickets, checking BAAC lottery information with features of "withdraw, transfer, top up, pay" that are more convenient and faster. Able to set up Quick Pay scans as well as withdraw money without using a card through BAAC ATMs/CDMs and ATMs/CDMs of other banks.

BAAC focuses on taking care of customer safety in financial transactions, supporting government policies such as registering for rights to participate in various government projects, therefore inviting customers who use BAAC A- Mobile Move to experience superior financial services on the BAAC Mobile application, which can be downloaded via the AppStore and Google Play Store from now on. And for customers who use the A-Mobile Plus application, they can update to BAAC Mobile from 11 September 2023 onwards and BAAC will cancel the use of BAAC A-Mobile. Previously, I came to use BAAC Mobile as just one application. From September 19, 2023 onwards.

Source: Thai News Agency