Bangkok watches and deals with PM 2.5 dust.

Bangkok, The Governor of Bangkok revealed that Bangkok is monitoring PM 2.5 dust and found that at present there is not much biomass burning. But it is dust that comes directly from cars. The fight against PM 2.5 now is to reduce the use of cars. Use public transportation more.

Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok Revealed during the governor's activities Traveling in Bueng Kum area Regarding PM 2.5 dust, it can be seen that currently there is not much biomass burning. But it is dust that comes directly from cars. We measure dust in micrograms per cubic meter. Therefore, if the air is not closed, normal air, open air, dust from cars in Bangkok is around 20-30 micrograms per cubic meter. Will it be green or yellow? But when the weather starts to close like today the weather starts to close. Car dust as usual But it will increase to approximately 50-60 micrograms per cubic meter. That is starting to be yellow and orange according to the new standard. As for the future, if there is dust from outside, such as burning biomass plus cars plus closed air, the dust value will be 90-100 micrograms per cubic meter. This is a situation that must be monitored.

Asked what can be done right now, BMA has a matter that is being worked on, which is checking cars for black smoke, and in the past 2-3 days there have been additional inspections. That is, try inspecting a car that checks for black smoke to see if it still emits PM 2.5 or not. It is found that it is still emitting a large amount because in fact the black smoke test that uses filter paper to measure dust may be PM 10, which is PM dust. Even in large sizes, normal cars still emit PM 2.5 dust.

Therefore, the heart of the fight against PM 2.5 now is reducing car use. Use public transportation more. You may also need to use a car that may be of good quality. or electric cars that emit less PM 2.5, which is a measure that must be discussed with many sectors in Bangkok. A single agency may not be able to reduce the number of cars in Bangkok. It must cooperate with the Department of Land Transport. Ministry of Transport and related agencies To try to reduce car use and use public transportation more This will be important to reduce PM 2.5 initially. As for biomass burning In the long run, we must cooperate with other agencies. Both the Ministry of Agriculture or the Pollution Control Department in supervising the burning of biomass

Mr. Pornprom Na.S. Vikitseth, Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok Added that An important dimension is the matter of protecting the health of the people. Currently, the Education Bureau has surveyed that a total of 1,700 Kindergarten 2 and Kindergarten 3 classrooms have 800 air conditioners installed. The Education Bureau has already allocated a budget for the purchase of air purifiers. In rooms with air conditioners, they can be installed immediately. To protect health for students The Health Department has prepared by going to the area to provide information to the community. Distribute face masks The Medical Office prepares dust-free clinics in 8 hospitals to fully prepare for health care.

Source: Thai News Agency