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What can be the cause of eye pain? So how do you prevent, alleviate or treat it? Here are some facts and advice from experts.

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Eye pain, tired eyes, and tired eyesight may be related to increased use of the eyes. Because work in today's era uses computers and reading a lot. Causes spasticity, fatigue,

and eye pain can occur for many reasons, such as illness or other causes, as follows:

Using your eyes to read books or staring at a computer, tablet, or mobile phone screen for a long time

Viral and bacterial infections of the eye area from touching or rubbing the eyes. or infection in other areas, such as shingles on the forehead and sinusitis

Inflammation of the eyelids, iris, cornea, sclera, and optic nerve.

Eye diseases such as red eyes, eye stye, glaucoma

There is a foreign object in the eye. Or the eyes are injured, such as a wound, burn, or an object thrown into the eye from an accident.

Other diseases such as allergies, migraines

Some eye diseases such as glaucoma

When there is eye pain, if the symptoms are not very severe Patients may take care of themselves in the following ways.

Rest your eyes by refraining from using your eyes in various activities such as staring at a computer screen, reading, or other activities that require a lot of eyesight.

artificial tear drops This may help increase moisture in the eyes. and can relieve eye pain in some cases Patients should consult their doctor or pharmacist about using the appropriate amount of artificial tears.

Cold compresses around the eyes To relieve fatigue around the eyes.

Warm compresses will help inflammation and infection heal faster.

If you take care of yourself initially, the symptoms do not subside or become more severe. The patient should see a doctor. To diagnose the cause and treat with other methods.

Source: Thai News Agency