Be sure before sharing: Is this photo confirming the sighting of “alien” in history?

The first is a black and white photograph purported to be a UFO/UAP captured in a city in northern Italy in 1933. It is believed to be the first recorded photograph of an alien visit to Earth. Or before the UFO/UAP photos taken at Roswell? New Mexico, USA, up to 14 years

A simulation of the discovery of UFO/UAP remains in Italy in 1933.

News of a UFO/UAP sighting in Italy in 1933 caught the attention of many media outlets this past July when Italian researcher Roberto Pinotti revealed that fascist leader Benito Mussolini of Italy during World War II established a research project on UFO/UAP after finding the remains of a UFO/UAP that crashed in Lombardy. Northern region of Italy, June 13, 1933

Roberto Pinotti claims that after Italy lost World War II, the United States government proceeded to seize UFO/UAP and alien remains. to bring back to their own country

Italian researchers say that He obtained evidence and documents about the research project from a source claiming to be a relative of a former researcher involved in the project.

Even Benito Mussolini's UFO/UAP project has yet to be proven. But the photo is believed to be a recording of a UFO/UAP in Italy in 1933. It is just a photo that the artist reproduced according to his statement, not a real UFO/UAP wreckage.

The second picture is of Adolf Hitler, the Nazi leader of Germany. Shaking hands with what looked like an alien.

An investigation by Reuters Fact Check found that the image was a result of digital manipulation. The original photo is a picture of Adolf Hitler shaking hands with Benito Mussolini. The photo of the two Axis leaders during World War II was taken from a front page news photo from Illustrierter Beobachter (Illustrated Observer), Nazi propaganda newspaper Published on May 12, 1938

The third image is a photo of a UFO/UAP wreckage covered in snow. It is claimed that the photo was taken in Antarctica. The South Pole during 1945-1950, with the poster claiming that this UFO/UAP image is proof of that. Antarctica is a land that has been closed off from the outside world for a long time. Because it is used as a place to preserve UFO/UAP remains.

According to Reuters Fact Check, the photographs purported to be recordings of the UFO/UAP wreckage were actually taken from images created with AI technology before being de-sharpened to make them mistaken for recordings. I've had it for a long time.

Zach Hishman, owner of the Facebook accounts AI Art Universe and AI Generated Art, described the original artwork as a work that he used AI to produce. and was disappointed that his creations were being used to spread fake news.

Source: Thai News Agency