Besiege the mountain to hunt down criminals who tricked and raped a car saleswoman.

Rayong police continue to cordon off the mountain. Hunt for the culprit who used a knife to threaten a young car saleswoman and rape her. It is believed that he is still hiding in the forest. Meanwhile, some villagers saw the culprit return to the residence area after the incident.

Police at Samnak Thong Police Station, Rayong Province, deployed to cordon off various points. At the foot of Khao Thamsathit, Village No. 3, Samnak Thong Subdistrict, Mueang District, they are looking for Mr. Chaiyot, 48 years old, a laborer hired to tap rubber. After using a knife to forcefully rape a car saleswoman along with pictures of the culprits being posted in communities In order for the villagers to help provide clues.

police officer along with the villagers The forest was cordoned off all night. before going out to search for the culprit this morning Ready to mobilize villagers and volunteers A group of more than 50 motocross motorcycles set out to continuously pressure to hunt down the culprits. The culprit is believed to have fled up Brookside Mountain. which are consecutive hills and hid in the dense forest.

There were also reports that two mobile phones belonging to rubber tapping workers in the forest at the foot of Khao Thamsathit were lost, which were placed on the rack in front of a motorcycle while they were tapping rubber. It is believed to be the work of a criminal who recently discovered and stole it.

From asking the owners of grocery stores in the community It was stated that the culprit came to buy regular items. The behavior and personal personality of the perpetrator that was seen did not appear to be an aggressive person at all. Often borrows friends' motorcycles to buy things. He buys coffee every day, doesn't drink alcohol, doesn't have a flirtatious appearance. He admits that at this time the villagers in the area are frightened and fear that the criminals will repeat the crime. I want the officials to catch the criminal quickly. Last night, we had to close the house and not go out.

This criminal committed the crime yesterday (Sept. 30) by tricking a saleswoman into selling cars at a showroom in Rayong. I want to buy a pickup truck. Bring the car documents to sign in Samnak Thong Subdistrict before using a knife to force them into the rubber forest and rape until they are successful. After causing the incident, he rode his motorcycle into the forest and fled. As for the victims, they came out to ask for help from nearby villagers. He informed the police at Samnak Thong Police Station before bringing the police to point out the scene of the incident.

Source: Thai News Agency