“Big Joke” joins Cambodian police in breaking up a call center gang, arresting 4 Thais.

Pol. Gen. Surachet" conducts joint operations with the Cambodian police. Breaking up a call center gang, arresting 4 Thai people who made fraudulent calls to transfer money.

From the case that Mr. Sanich He became stressed and used a knife to slit his throat to kill his wife and two children, ages 13 and 11, causing a total of 3 deaths. Then he slit his own throat, hoping to commit suicide. The incident occurred in the area of Bang Kaeo Police Station, Samut Prakan Province, on August 28, 2023. It was caused by stress from a debt problem guaranteeing the purchase of a car for a neighbor in the amount of 8 hundred thousand baht until being sued and the Legal Execution Department would The house was seized. In addition, his wife was deceived by a call center gang into a loan app and lost more than 1.7 million baht. Later on 4 September 2023, Pol. Gen. Surachet Hakphan, deputy police commander . have traveled to Cambodia To coordinate and request cooperation with Pol. Gen. Saw Thet, Commander-in-Chief of the Cambodian Police. In tracking down and arresting the accused according to an arrest warrant for the call center gang case. address in Cambodia Therefore, a joint plan was made b etween the police forces of both countries. to crack down on such call center gangs

Latest progress on September 9, 2023, Pol. Gen. Surachet along with Thai police officers together with Police Lieutenant General Siang Thia Rit, Deputy Director Cambodia National Security Command Police Brigadier General Dara Suphia, Deputy Director National Intelligence Agency of Cambodia, Pol. Col. Hung Vy Raek, Cambodian Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Commander, and Pol. Lt. Col. Chi Cobotra, Secretary-General of the Cambodian National Police Assistant Commissioner. Together they tracked down and arrested another 4 suspects according to arrest warrants who were fleeing in Cambodia.

Mr. Suphon, 21 years old, serves as the Thai head of the call center staff in Cambodia. and provide someone else's bank account (horse account).

Ms. Nisarat, age 22, works as an employee in a call center.

Ms. Kanokporn, 19 years old, works as a call center employee.

Miss Kornkanok, 19 years old, works as a call center employee.

Allegedly “Join together to defraud the public, jointly introduce distorted or fake computer systems. whether in whole or in part or false computer information in a way that is likely to cause damage to the public, participating in a transnational criminal organization” from the arrest of the accused Police were able to seize more than 100 items such as mobile phones, ATM cards, bank passbooks, etc., and more than 240,000 baht in cash.

In this case, a total of 30 arrest warrants have been issued for the accused, able to arrest 16 people. The duties are divided as follows:

A group of 16 money transfer horse account owners, 9 arrested, 7 escaped. A

group of 4 money withdrawers, 2 arrested, 2 escaped.

A group of 2 horse account providers, 2 arrested. A

group of call center employees totaled 16 people. 6 people, 6 people escaped (remained in Cambodia).

Chinese group, 2 call center employee controllers, 2 people escaped (remained in Cambodia).

Pol. Gen. Surachet said that from the case of Bang Kaeo Police Station, the cause was from many debts. including being deceived by call center gangs which was tricked into transferring money through a loan app after ordering investigators to extend the results of issuing arrest warrants for all suspects involved in the aforementioned call center gang. since the horse account Up to 30 Chinese movement leaders, with 12 arrested so far, and finding out that these groups have offices in Poipet, Cambodia, have therefore coordinated with Pol. Gen. Saw Thet, Commander-in-Chief of the Cambodian Police. To destroy such call center points Today we joined with Cambodian police officers. Four additional suspects were able to be arrested according to arrest warrants, who made calls to trick victims into transferring money. They will be taken back to Thailand. to prosecute according to law After this, we will work together with Cambodian officials. Follow up and arrest all suspects who are still fleeing. To bring them back to prosecute in Thailand until the end. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency