BOC-NAIA seizes exotic pests concealed in a postal item

The Bureau of Customs - Ninoy Aquino International Airport (BOC-NAIA) on Monday reported the interception in Pasay City of exotic pests from Thailand misdeclared as candies. In a statement, BOC Commissioner Bienvenido Rubio said the illegal parcel contained 50 concealed isopods (invertebrates belonging to the greater crustacean group) at the sub-port of Central Mail Exchange Center on Nov. 13. The belated report indicated that the pests were discovered after a rigorous X-ray screening and thorough physical examination. The parcel was confiscated for lack of import clearance from the Bureau of Plant Industry, violating the Plant Quarantine law and the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act. 'The Bureau of Customs pledges to prevent smuggling and protect the country's borders against threats, including exotic pests, through strict border controls and reforms,' Rubio said in a news release. A website named Weird Pets PH sell isopods with care kits. It says isopods eat dried hardwood and leaves but will also like fish food, vegetables and dried fish. They can survive and breed in enclosures with soil and humidity. Source: Philippines News Agency