“Capt. Thammanat” emphasizes the Royal Irrigation Department to prevent flooding in Sukhothai city.

The Minister of Agriculture revealed that he has ordered the Royal Irrigation Department to prevent flooding in Sukhothai city. which is an important economic area

Capt. Thammanat Phromphao, Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, said he ordered the Royal Irrigation Department to expedite water traffic management in the main rivers, which have a large volume. from the continuous rain Especially the Yom-Nan River. From the amount of rain that falls in Phrae Province causing the amount of water in the Yom River to increase Starting to have an impact on some parts of Sukhothai province. By emphasizing the need to prevent flooding in Sukhothai city. which is an important economic area By dividing water into tributaries As for the Wang River Basin, which has a flooded area. Due to the amount of water in the Wang River overflowing its banks Affecting parts of Lampang and Tak provinces. He was urged to expedite the drainage as quickly as possible.

For the Chao Phraya River Basin The water volume at Nakhon Sawan Province (Station C.2) continues to increase. This is because the water volume in the Ping River and Nan River continues to rise. This causes the need for water management and water traffic in the lower Chao Phraya Basin. By controlling the amount of water flowing through the Chao Phraya Dam to have the least impact on downstream areas. In addition, we must prepare to accommodate the water that will flow from the northern region into the Chao Phraya River Basin.

As for the Chi-Mun river basin In the upper area of the Chi River basin, the water volume began to decrease continuously. In the lower Chi River area, water still overflowed its banks in Kalasin, Roi Et, and Yasothon provinces. But there is a trend of decreasing. In the Mun River basin, there is flooding in the Ubon Ratchathani province. Due to the amount of water in the banks of M.7 Station, Warin Chamrap District This amount of water will flow into the Mekong River. It has been reported from the Royal Irrigation Department that at present the water is being drained continuously.

Capt. Thammanat said that he has ordered the Department of Agricultural Extension to assign district agricultural offices and provincial agricultural offices to survey agricultural areas damaged by flooding. To prepare to restore the area as soon as the water recedes. For areas declared by the provincial governor as disaster areas. will receive compensation according to fiscal regulations.

As for the Meteorological Department's weather forecast, There will be continuous rain due to the influence of the monsoon trough. Entering the low pressure area Initially, there will be rain until October 11. The Royal Irrigation Department has been instructed to prepare machinery and tools to support the situation. The Royal Irrigation Department reported that it was able to cope.

At the same time, arrange for integration staff to work with local government agencies. and related sectors Urgently help the people along with orders to prepare operational plans in each area and in the overall picture of the province For water from the rain that fell at the end of this season Emphasize to keep it contained. If there is an area that can be used to store water, do so immediately. At the same time ordering all agencies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to help farmers as much as possible.

Source: Thai News Agency