Caraga Region Records More Male Births and Deaths in 2022

Caraga Region – The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA-13) reported on Tuesday that Caraga Region recorded a total of 39,276 live births in 2022, with a higher number of males compared to females.

According to Philippines News Agency, while 47.81 percent were females. This translates to 109 male births for every 100 female births in the region last year. Alongside these birth statistics, the PSA-13 also noted that Caraga Region witnessed 12,597 marriages in 2022, with the majority occurring in Agusan del Sur. Additionally, the region documented 18,764 deaths in the same year, with males accounting for 56.53 percent and females for 43.47 percent of these deaths. This indicates 103 male deaths for every 100 female deaths last year.