Caraga Region Reports Rise in Rice and Corn Production in 2023

Caraga Region: the Department of Agriculture (DA-13) announced a significant increase in rice and corn production for the current year. The region has achieved 357,692.6 metric tons (MT) of rice production in 2023, marking a five percent increase from the 339,181.91 MT recorded in 2022.

According to Philippines News Agency, chief of the Planning, Monitoring, and Evaluation Division at DA-13, the region also experienced a 1.9 percent increase in the land area dedicated to rice cultivation, totaling an additional 2,124 hectares this year. The growth in rice production was attributed to the adoption of high-yielding rice seeds, increased mechanization, and the incorporation of new technologies. Furthermore, the region saw a notable rise in corn production, with yellow corn output reaching 39,524 MT compared to 25,071 MT in the previous year. White corn production also increased, rising to 30,667 MT in 2023 from 21,531 MT in 2022.

Melody Guimary, chief of DA-13's Field Operations Division, highlighted a 63 percent increase in the land area for yellow corn cultivation and a 33 percent increase for white corn. She also mentioned that DA-13 was allocated a budget of PHP854.8 million this year to support various agricultural sectors. The largest portion of this budget, amounting to PHP260,852,000, was allocated to rice production, followed by the livestock program, local and foreign-funded programs, and the corn program.

Guimary further noted that the DA-13's budget this year has benefitted over 16,000 individuals and 284 local associations. She expressed gratitude to the media members in the region for their role in disseminating important information to farmers and other sectors, particularly regarding the programs and services offered by DA-13.