Commander-in-Chief of Police is confident that the evidence against “Kamnan Nok” faces a severe death penalty.

After an order was issued to transfer the case of shooting a bank inspector to death. From the Provincial Police Region 7 to the Central Investigation Bureau, under the responsibility of Pol. Lt. Gen. Jirapop Phuridej, Central Investigation Commander. Call a working group meeting tomorrow. Confident in the evidence against "Kamnan Nok", the maximum penalty is death.

Police Lieutenant General Jirapop Phuridej, commander of the Central Investigation Bureau, confirmed that he was not troubled by the case. Because from the evidence currently available it is considered strong. It can indicate that Kamnan Nok is the one who gave the order. Especially the testimony of eyewitnesses and surrounding witnesses to the origin of the firearms. Evidence destruction behavior or the intent of the perpetrator Including the motive and other witnesses are considered important elements in the case that can cause Mr. Praveen or Kamnan Nok to receive the maximum penalty, which is "death."

Meanwhile, it is also reported that Pol. Lt. Gen. Jiraphop has ordered the Central Investigation Police to collect evidence and details about influential people in Nakhon Pathom Province and prepare to launch an operation to suppress their influence in an uprooted manner. We will cooperate with government agencies involved in the case.

Source: Thai News Agency