Commander-in-Chief plans to transfer the case of shooting and killing a police officer to the Crime Suppression Division.

Police commander believes "Kamnan Nok" was involved in the shooting death. highway inspector Confident that there is an arrest warrant for more than one person, prepare to submit a request to transfer the case files to the Crime Suppression Division.

Referring to the case of a criminal shooting a highway police inspector who died and injured him, he said that he had ordered all units in the Central Investigation Bureau to Deploy forces to the area to hunt down fully. With Hanuman, the Crime Suppression Division and the Highway Police as the main forces. The current measures are mainly focused on tracking down the culprit. It is believed that Mr. Thananchai, the perpetrator of the incident, is probably still in the country. Then it will be expanded to the criminal's network to see what illegal businesses are being conducted which is under investigation. But for now, we would like to focus on tracking down the gunman who caused the incident first. From the testimony of witnesses at the scene, it is believed that Kamnan Nok, the son of Mr. Thananchai, the gunman, is connected. Because shortly after the deceased had an argument with Kamnan Nok, a gunman walked in and caused a scene. It is believed that from the available evidence, there should be a warrant is sued for more than one person involved. Moreover, they are preparing to submit a matter to the Royal Thai Police Commissioner. Request for the transfer of the case file into the care of the Crime Suppression Division.

from the behavior of criminals It is considered an outrageous act without fear of the law. Even though he already knew that the deceased was a police officer, he still dared to act. He therefore instructed all hunting officers to perform their duties with caution and caution because the criminals were armed with guns. There is a team of many subordinates. Know many influential people If the criminal were to resist, decisive measures would have to be taken.

News reports further say that for Kamnan Nok, from the investigation it was found to be a widespread person in the area. Be close to a former major national politician, know many police officers and local politicians in the area. Therefore, they often met together for drinks and social gatherings at their residences. Prakob has a plan to entrust his nephew, who is a subordinate of Pol. Lt. Col. Siwakorn, to be transferred to a position of duty. Therefore, we planned to make an appointment for Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn to join the party at his residence today. In order to show off the prestige of knowing many elders It's like forcing Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn to comply.

This is consistent with the testimony of eyewitnesses who confirmed that before the incident, Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn had an argument with Kamnan Nok about the matter of Kamnan Nok trying to entrust him to help change the position of his nephew from the radio patrol car. He went to be a motorcycle patrolman, but Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn refused, causing Kamnan Nok to become dissatisfied before he said, "Doing this is disrespectful to each other. How can one grandchild not ask for this?" before pounding the table. then walk away After about 5 minutes, Mr. Thananchai, Kamnan Nok's subordinate, He walked and stood about 1 meter close to Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn before using a firearm to shoot at him until he died.

News reports stated that As for the history of Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn Saibua, Police Superintendent of Royal Thai Army Division 1, KG.2, Royal Thai Army Headquarters, he graduated from middle school. Ritthiyawannalai School Before continuing his education at the Military Preparatory School, Class 51, Royal Police Cadet Academy, Class 67, he graduated for the first time as a Deputy Inspector at the Royal Police Cadet Academy. Before moving to be Deputy Inspector, Sub-Inspector 1, Crime Suppression Division (Suppression Division), then in 2020 he was promoted to Pol. Lieutenant Colonel, position of Inspector, Sub-Division 1, Crime Suppression Division, before moving to become Inspector of Highway Police Station, 1 Kg.2, Royal Thai Police (S.W.S.T.L.1, K.2.)

Work history He has worked on many important cases during his time in the Crime Suppression Division, such as the case of the monk gang that tricked victims into losing more than 300,000 baht, the arrest of the gang of "Sia Po" Apirak Chatcha-anon who persuaded them to gamble online, and one of the arresting teams, Yam Thamonphan. Former heroine and husband charged with running an online gambling website - porn website More than 700 million in assets were seized, including many important cases. Moreover, after moving to work under the Highway Police Division There was also the work of arresting and arresting a drug smuggling gang hidden in a pickup truck. At the Long Tai section of Petchkasem Road, Huai Rong Subdistrict, Khao Yoi District, Phetchaburi Province, they seized more than 200,000 methamphetamine tablets. As for his character, I am a kind-hearted person. Be lovable by friends, work hard, be a person who is willing to break but will not bend to do things that are wrong. .

Source: Thai News Agency