Country: Thailand

Date: 07-Sep-23

Source: Thai News Agency

Bangkok begins improving sidewalks to solve the problem of narrow areas between trees.

Bangkok Metropolitan Administration begins improving sidewalks with porous asphalt to solve the problem of narrow sidewalks between trees. The roots of trees along the road receive water and air better.

(September 7, 2023) Mr. Chatchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok Surveyed the sidewalk from Soi Inthamara 14 to Saphan Kwai Intersection, Phayathai District, to test the use of Porous Asphalt for paving at the base of the trees. Improving the whole sidewalk with Universal Design and adjusting the landscape to bring the communication cable to the ground. with Mr. Wisanu Subsompon, Deputy Governor of Bangkok Mr. Ekawaranyu Amrapal, Spokesman of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Mr. Tawatchai Napasaksri, Director of Public Works Department (Public Works Department), Mr. Namchai Sansupha, President of the Association of Landscape Architects of Thailand and the Big Tree group attended the site visit.

Governor Chatchart said that Bangkok is in the process of improving sidewalks in 17 routes, with this year about 200 kilometers will be implemented. The important thing is that the trees on the sidewalks must be able to water and breathe. which came from going to see the work in Fukuoka Japan 2 weeks ago It was found that porous asphalt was used to pave the pavement before laying tiles to allow water to seep into it. It can also help the city in the case of draining water from the road. Due to porous asphalt It is a porous type of asphalt. It has the outstanding feature of draining water vertically. This allows the plant roots to be well ventilated and watered. and can help increase some sidewalk space Which before pouring, the soil must be improved and fertilized completely. Then add sand and gravel. Before proceeding with asphalt paving Makes water go down to the tree roots 100% fully.

Governor Chatchart also said that from examining the porous asphalt that was used to pour around the base of the tree, Soi Inthamara 14 to Saphan Kwai Intersection. According to the pilot project, the use of porous asphalt instead of paving brick blocks to expand the sidewalk area. The overall picture is smooth and on par with a good pedestrian walkway. and water can flow through well This way, when the sidewalk is being repaired, it will be quick and easy to fix. In which the pavement in this form has been built underground communication cables to support utility operators. and supports the future expansion of water pipes as well. Reduce the problem of repetitive sidewalk construction digging. This will be completed within two months, with people along the route appreciating that it can be built quickly. Walking more easily Solve traffic problems And can be connected to travel such as electric trains and the Feeder system. In the future, pedestrian walkways will be converted into covered walkways, which are covered along the route. which is currently being implemented at Horwang School

Governor Chatchat said at the end that What requires cooperation is the issue of hawker stalls. Must not return to sell on sidewalks where sales are prohibited. Including motorcycles, riding on the sidewalk is prohibited. Today's route has many motorcycle repair shops. I have asked for cooperation to publicize and tell customers not to drive on the sidewalk to bring their cars in for repairs. Instead, use the method of bringing the motorcycle up for repairs. This is because the weight of the motorcycle affects the damage to the pavement tiles. In addition, there is danger to pedestrians. And it's also illegal.

Deputy Wisanu added that In the future, construction or repair of sidewalks in Bangkok The aforementioned form will be used, namely, form 1, which is pouring concrete and reinforcing a 10 cm wire mesh, then laying tiles over it. The second pattern is to pave all the asphalt and then lay tiles over it. Depending on the context of repairing the pavement construction of each route Which must be analyzed from the method that uses the most economical budget. but got the greatest number of distances In addition, the renovated sidewalks will be improved to a universal design that is suitable for all types of people of all ages, including the disabled. in order to adapt to be like this in the whole of Bangkok in the future

The benefits of using porous asphalt are: Porous Asphalt at the base of trees is 1. Solving the problem of narrow sidewalks between trees. 2. Solving the problem of tree roots pushing against sidewalk tiles. 3. Solving the problem of water stagnating on sidewalks during rain. By means of further development of use A trial area will be created, such as around the trees near Bangkok City Hall. and various roads, as well as training officials/contractors to understand and be able to put into practice correctly Including the preparation of standards for the use of porous asphalt. Between the Public Works Office and the Parks Office Together with manufacturers of porous asphalt and related professional organizations such as the Landscape Architects Association of Thailand as well.

Source: Thai News Agency