Crazy husband shoots his wife, hurts her and surrenders

Surrendered! Crazy man shoots and injures his wife After officers surrounded the house and spent more than 5 hours persuading him.

Police from Uthai Police Station tried to negotiate while enclosing a house. In the area of Village No. 4, Uthai Subdistrict, Uthai District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province After receiving the report of the incident, Mr. Kritsada used a gun to shoot his wife and was injured. before the woman ran out of the house to ask for help. Have a neighbor take him to the hospital.

During that time, the Foundation's staff joined in gratitude. Travel into the area and three more gunshots were heard inside the house. Officers moved carefully into the house. Before trying to negotiate and persuade, it took more than 5 hours. Finally, Mr. Kritsada surrender before the police take him away for further investigation and prosecution,

Source: Thai News Agency