Crying that a famous singer was cheated on sharing, causing almost 10 million in damages.

Bangkok, Owner of a restaurant in the Watcharapol area. Sai Mai must survive. After being cheated by a famous singer with 2 million views and shares, the damage value is almost 10 million baht.

Miss Namthip, 35 years old, owner of a restaurant in the Watcharapol area. Ask for help from Mr. Ekkapop Luangprasert. Advisor to the Minister of Interior and the founder of the Saimai page must survive After being cheated by a famous country singer to share The damage value is more than 700,000 baht. Miss Namthip stated that 2 years ago she got to know the mother of the young singer. Then he invited me to play share with my son, saying that the interest was good and the payments were made on time. At that time, he was not yet convinced to play. But because there are players who know that the singer is a good person and has a stable status. He is also a famous singer. Therefore decided to join in playing with 1 hand, which was a small hand. It appeared that throughout playing for 2 years, the money was paid in full and always on time. Until the middle of last year Decided to make a big move by playing 3 hands, which he hoped was the last hand. In order to use the said money to cover the house, but it appears that after some time has passed, there are people who share in the group saying that they haven't received the money yet. and did not receive the full amount So he called the singer's wife and said, If he completes the contract, will he get the full amount? and received confirmation that it was definitely complete, so he continued to forward it. Until the contract is completed which such hand He must have received approximately 300,000 baht, but did not receive the money. When I went to demand, the dealer always evaded me until 1 year had passed and I still hadn't received any money.

Like the 13 members of the sharing circle, the total damage in the 3 sharing circles was worth more than 10 million baht, so they decided to report to a police station in Maha Sarakham Province. The police there advised him to come back and report the incident. He then came to report the crime at Khan Na Yao Police Station. It appears that the police called the singer twice to acknowledge the allegations but refused to compensate him for the damages. As a result, an argument arose. In addition, the young singer and his wife He also went into the sharing group and persuaded other children to share. that you must not bring any evidence to yourself; if you continue to communicate, you will not return even a single dime to your mother As a result, many sharecroppers are afraid to provide evidence in the legal proceedings against the singer. Claiming that the money will be paid back on November 25th from the sale of land in the Korat area, the money will be used to pay off debts for the sharecropper. However, the private person who came to complain about Saimai must survive today. Because I want to announce and warn the people. Including all those who shared it, please file a legal action against the said singer. Because he saw that It is not possible to pay back all shares. Because the damage is likely to be close to 10 million baht. However, from the latest investigation, it was found that there are still more than 13 victims, and 7 others whose identities have not yet been found. For such a singer There is also fundraising for Baan Aomthong and share houses under the name Nampueng Aomthong.

Mr. Ekkapop Luengprasert The founder of the Saimai Tong Rod page stated that most share sharing methods are fraudulent. Will gather people to play and share. Using the ghost's hand to lure victims into investing. For example, in the case of a sharing circle of 20 hands, there will be 10 ghost hands and the rest will be victims. The victims who come to play often want the last hand in order to gain interest, so the first 10 hands will all be ghost hands. When the 11th and 12th hands begin to be braided, they will start not getting money because the previous 11 hands were ghost sharers who do not exist. After that, they will close the house and escape. Some people will report that their sharer has taken the sword for not paying, and I think that most sharerers do not dare to report the matter. If you report a complaint, it will be delayed forever. Therefore, he would like to warn and publicize the information to share savings customers to file a report because he believes that since working for 3 years, he has never found out that Any sharer's child gets money from the sharer's feet.

Source: Thai News Agency