D-Day 17 Sept. 101 million L6 tickets, digitally increased to 21 million.

Government Lottery Office Starting to sell L6 lottery tickets on September 17, a total of 101 million copies, divided into 21 million digital copies through the Paotang app and another 80 million physical copies, then will increase digitally to 30 million copies by the end of the year, which will make There is a maximum prize money of 180 million baht. As for the N3 lottery, it is sure to come by September next year, aiming to draw prizes every week to compete with the underground lottery and the lottery of neighboring countries.

Lieutenant Colonel Noon Salsanakom, Director of the Government Lottery Office The progress of the new government lottery has been revealed. The six-digit government lottery (Lottery 6 : L6) is said to begin selling the first draw on October 1, 2023 (sales start September 17, 2023) in paper form (with printing of lottery tickets) in the amount of 80 million copies and digitally (without printing) Printed 21 million lottery tickets, totaling 101 million tickets, by L6 both in physical form and digitally. It is a pre-set number. The same format as the lottery office. Currently in operation, but the two types are clearly separated.

The leaf form has all the same details as before. The buyer purchases a ticket (with a printed ticket) and takes the ticket to claim the prize money. On the ticket there will be the message L6 in the form of a ticket.

digital part It will be a digital lottery in the Patang app. The format is similar to all lottery tickets. There is a label on the ticket that says L6 digitally, but the lottery office will not print it out for sale. As for the award, it can be received in 3 ways: 1. Through the wallet. 2.Through Krung Thai Bank Account and 3. Pick up the prize at the lottery office. Every prize (from the beginning the 1st prize had to be picked up at the lottery office only) can also be kept waiting for the prize to be picked up for 2 years, just like a lottery ticket. The Lottery Office is preparing to launch the first lottery preview of both types on the draw date of September 16, 2023 and will begin selling on September 17, 2023 (the draw date is October 1, 2023).

“The Lottery Office Committee has resolved Increase the number of L6 tickets to no more than 110 million by the end of 2023, only digitally. As for the physical forms, the number remains the same at 80 million. This depends on the response of the buyer. That will be able to increase the amount of digital lottery tickets in each draw, which is expected to increase by 1-2 million per draw. By the final draw of 2023, there may be 30 million digital L6 tickets. That means There will be up to 30 first prize tickets with a high prize money of 180 million baht. As for the reason that it was only added digitally. Because the board of the lottery office saw that Digital lotteries can solve the problem of overpriced lottery tickets and have been well received by the public,” Lieutenant General Nun said.

Currently, there are 100 million government lottery tickets per draw. There are two distribution channels: 80 million tickets purchased on the market and 20 million tickets that are scanned into the online distribution system.

2024, the N3 lottery must be released for sale, which is currently considering the finer details. The main purpose of the N3 lottery is to provide an alternative for the people. and solve the problem of overpriced lottery tickets Because it's sold digitally. Cannot buy-sell above the price. In addition, it also brings more money from the underground lottery back into the system. Because with a single purchase you can win up to 4 prizes: 3 straight numbers / 3 alternating numbers (3 tots) / 2 straight numbers / and the jackpot prize. or special prizes Selected from 1 person who correctly matches 3 numbers. The payout format is variable. It depends on the number of buyers for that number. By allocating the prize money, it is determined that (1) 60 percent is the prize money. (2) Not less than 23 percent is government revenue. (3) Not more than 17 percent is administrative expenses. Specify that the money allocated as prize money be used to contribute to the next period, but not more than 1 period.

As for the sale, it is still sold through agents, like the L6 lottery, while the price of the N3 lottery may be at 50 baht or lower. This is expected to be clear within the second quarter of fiscal year 2024.

“The release of the N3 lottery gives people more options to purchase legal lottery tickets. Because lottery buyers can choose numbers according to their needs. Just like the underground lottery, N3 will help bring more money into the system. Because the price is lower than the L6 lottery and the N3 lottery has more prizes to win than the underground lottery, buy 1 to win up to 4 prizes and may be considered to draw prizes every week. Currently, underground lottery - neighboring country lottery that awards prizes frequently Some types are released every day. highly popular The average amount is over 1.5 - 400 billion baht per year,” said Lieutenant Colonel Nun.

For N3 dealers, they may come from N6 dealers because the Lottery Office wants dealers in the existing system to have an income equal to the minimum wage.

Source: Thai News Agency