Democrat Party emphasizes discussion of policies that are not consistent with the law

Jurin" reveals he is preparing to investigate the government for policies that are not in accordance with the law. Happy to go ahead and win the Rayong by-election.

Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, Acting Leader of the Democrat Party Gave an interview to reporters about today's government policy announcement that Today's announcement of the government's policy is something that binds the parliament and the people and is therefore important. But the stated policy and the campaign campaigned policy are not the same. Therefore, it is the origin of what he once said was an incorrect policy. Therefore, I would like the people to help keep an eye on whether political parties when campaigning fulfill the promises they made to the people when they became the government or not.

When asked about the discussion, how many people the party had discussed and how much time was given to the discussion, Mr. Jurin revealed that there was 2 hours and 15 minutes, which was considered quite limited. So I can't speak in great depth. Because our party representatives only have 25 people, we must accept the truth. But I will do my best. Don't worry, because our new representatives are well prepared to discuss and express their opinions, and there will be myself and Mr. Chuan (Chuan Leekpai) in the discussion, which may take additional time. came up about one

When reporters asked about what former Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai would say if there were any important highlights, Mr. Jurin said there were no highlights. We did our duty. Next, the Democrat Party will act as the opposition, checking and balancing matters such as campaign policy. Political behavior, etc., starting today onwards

When asked about the number of party debaters, Mr. Jurin replied that initially 15 people were prepared, but this number may not be reached. Because time is not enough, it may decrease a lot in real time. By emphasizing policy matters that did not match what the campaign had planned, discussing all aspects but not being able to go into deep details. Because time is limited Please everyone wait and listen.

Mr. Jurin then took this opportunity to thank Fellow citizens of Rayong, Klaeng District, Khao Chamao District, who went out to exercise their rights in the by-election in Rayong Province, District 3 yesterday, chose Dr. Banyat Chetanchan, a candidate from the Democrat Party, with 26,466 votes, even though Dr. Banyat did not. get elected But it is considered to have received significantly more votes than the last election. I must take the opportunity to thank everyone who helped vote. He talked with Dr. Banyat said that all of this is considered encouragement in continuing to act as a representative of the Klaeng people and the Chamao hill people.

When asked if he was afraid of losing his stronghold in Rayong Province or not due to the Kao Klai Party being able to compete for the area of The Democrat Party went a lot. Mr. Jurin said that last time the party advanced and went to every district. But that's okay. Politics can change when the time comes. We do our duty to the utmost. And congratulations to the candidates of the Move Forward Party who were elected.

Source: Thai News Agency