Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs opens his mind to take care of agricultural products if he is ready to do his best.

Deputy Minister of Commerce opens his mind to take care of agricultural products. Given that he has 10 years of experience and has quite a bit of information on agricultural products in Thailand and around the world, pointing to which department the Minister of Defense will divide the work to take care of. But confirmed that the Department Which is fully ready

Mr. Naphinthorn Srisanpang, Deputy Minister of Commerce Opened up after entering the Ministry of Commerce on the first day that he used his past work experience in the management of domestic products, both field crops and horticulture, to apply in his work. If given the responsibility to provide care, they will be ready to work immediately. And personally, I think I can take care of agricultural products. There will definitely not be an oversupply of the market. and must cause agricultural products to be expensive Reduce production costs. The short-term solution is domestic consumption. through new market channels Without using the same mechanism again by venting through the central market. But more private mechanisms will be used. Whether it's a gas station convenience store

However, solving crop problems, especially rice, cassava, oil palm, and animal feed corn. Must be managed separately one by one There is a working group to take care of each type. By bringing in stakeholders to brainstorm various ideas to plan ahead. While taking care of the people's living expenses, it is considered that There must be a negotiation with a group of entrepreneurs to adjust the price to reflect the reduced production costs. In fact, too Because after the government takes over, the production costs of many items will be reduced in price. And for the Blue Flag Project, it may still be available as needed. Because it is a psychological principle to bring down the price of expensive products. But it may not help at all. which work in various parts of the Ministry of Commerce You have to wait on September 14th, when there will be an official division of work and no matter what order you have to take care of the work, you will be ready to work immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency