“Doctor Chai” sits as government spokesperson.

"Dr. Chai" sits as government spokesperson. While Deputy Secretaries to the Prime Minister "Jakraphon-Somkid-Phongsaran", former MPs and former Pheu Thai people were listed to help with the work.

Reporters from the Pheu Thai Party said that in the case where Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, stated that the name of the spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office had been finalized, it was recently reported that it was Dr. Chai Watcharong, a member of the Pheu Thai Party. Participating in drafting agricultural policy and is a person with a good image and economic knowledge It is not a political party that comes out to respond too much to political issues.

while political officials in the Pheu Thai Party Currently in the process of being allocated, most political civil servant positions will be given to former MPs or people who have worked with the Pheu Thai Party for a long time. For example, the position of Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister will have 3 people: Mr. Somkid Chuekong, a former MP. Ubon Ratchathani is the Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister for Political Affairs. Mr. Chakkraphon Tangsutthitham, former Chiang Mai MP, is the Deputy Secretary-General to the Prime Minister for Social Affairs. Mr. Phongsaran Asavachaisophon, former Chachoengsao MP candidate Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister for Economic Affairs

Meanwhile, as for the secretary to the minister, Mr. Kritsada Tanthedthit, former Nong Khai MP, is listed as the secretary. Minister of Commerce Because he has expertise in economics and trade, he will come to help Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Minister of Commerce, Mr. Paophum Rojanasakul, Acting Deputy Secretary-General of the Pheu Thai Party. Named as Secretary to the Minister of Finance Because they are involved in making the party's policies in the election. Having knowledge and ability in finance will enhance Mr. Settha's work as Minister of Finance. Mr. Kunakorn Preechachanachai, former Surin MP, is listed as Assistant Secretary to the Deputy Minister. Agriculture and Cooperatives Assisting Mr. Chaiya Phromma, Deputy Minister Agriculture and Cooperatives Mr. Phonpholphum Wiphatphiphatphi, former MP of Bangkok. At various times he was named secretary. Minister of Culture Assisting Mr. Sermsak Phongphanit, Minister of Culture Because he is a person who has been with the party for a long time, creating a stro ng area. and currently holds the position of Chairman of the Bangkok Cultural Council In line with the work of the Ministry of Culture .

Source: Thai News Agency