“Doctor Ong” signs application for “fair” admission tomorrow

"Padiphat" reveals that tomorrow (10 Oct.) he will sign an application to join "Thamma" indicating that the work guidelines are the same. Definitely won't join the government. As for the future, which party are you in? There is still time and waiting to see the new constitution.

Mr. Padipat Santipada, First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, revealed that he had made a clear decision to work in politics and transfer to the party fairly. Tomorrow (Oct. 10) the application to join the party will be signed. and made a joint statement at Parliament at 10:00 a.m. where they had clearly discussed with the party that if they supported their work methods and did not join the government are ready to work together and did not have any expectations from each other clearly according to policy and was sure that he would not join the government

As for his political future, whether he will return to work with the Kao Klai Party or not, Mr. Padipat said there are still many years left. and have to wait and see the new constitution How is it clear? So I don't want to say anything at this time. Because it will not be good for both parties. But now it is clearly decided that will join the party fairly The party has already been informed.

Source: Thai News Agency