Driving equality and stimulating the economy

Prime Minister meets with women's group, emphasizing that it is a government of the people. Give importance to equality Along with stimulating the economy

Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Welcoming a group of businessmen and women's associations from various sectors. Come join in congratulating the Prime Minister. Ready to propose that the Prime Minister promote the role of women. and find solutions to problems arising from the family institution that have not been resolved Including requesting the restoration of the Women's Development Fund. This is a women's career promotion fund that was created during the government of Ms. Yingluck Shinawatra, former prime minister. which promotes the equal role of women It will have a positive effect on the overall picture of the country. Ready to show confidence in knowledge Prime Minister's abilities will bring strength in every aspect Leading Thailand through the crisis I would like to encourage the Prime Minister to continue working successfully for the country.

“Thank you for the great blessing. For a mission this heavy I'm glad that the women's sector understands that the people's government is taking over now. We also consider women's equality and rights. Now we're not just looking at the economy alone. But we still have an equality problem. There is the matter of women's rights. At the moment the country is facing many problems. It's not just the economy alone. about inequality inequality Equality It is considered that we must heal the minds of all sectors of the people, our government, the government of the people. There is a sincere intention to bring equality and equity. The women's sector is one sector that the government gives importance to,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister said that the women's sector came to meet today. It will help reduce the perception that the government is only focused on the economy. The issue of society and equality is an important matter. I'm glad that women from many sectors came to see us today. In particular, there is an Honorary Consul of the United States of Mexico. of Phuket Province as well The government has a plan to promote tourism in that province. We therefore ask for your cooperation to respond to the policy that we will promote tourism as well. This is because tourism is the most important short-term economic stimulus.

For those meeting the Prime Minister today 1. National Association of Outstanding Thai Women 2. Northerners Association of Thailand 3. Business and Professional Association of Thailand-Nakhon Pathom 4. Business and Professional Association of Thailand-Phetchaburi 5. Hainan Association 6. Kritanusorn Foundation under Royal Patronage 7.Women's Professional Development Foundation 8. Amframe Group 9. Labor Court Region 3 10. Honorary Consul united mexico Phuket Province, Consulate Area, Phuket, Phang Nga, Krabi 11. Zonta 8 12. Somphon Bedding and Mattress Industry Company Limited 13. Ploen Thai Samai Niyom Club 14. Mrs. Yaowarat Shinawatra.

Source: Thai News Agency