EGAT board meeting today Appointed Acting Governor of EGAT

Bangkok, 21 Aug-The Board of Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) held a meeting today to appoint a new acting governor of EGAT after the Election Commission has not yet considered the appointment. It is the first acting person in 54 years. Ready to point out that fossil fuels are still necessary to back up renewable energy.

Today (Aug. 21) is the last day of work, EGAT Governor Mr. Boonyanit Wongrakmit because he retires tomorrow. Mr. Boonyanit said today that the EGAT board, chaired by Mr. Kulit Sombatsiri, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Energy, will consider appointing an acting EGAT governor to act while waiting for the governor to be appointed. New by wanting to claim The Election Commission of Thailand (ECT) quickly approved Because in the past, the selection of a new governor That is, Mr. Thepparat Theppitak has been working for a long time and passed all the steps correctly. If the appointment is delayed, it will affect the new policy of working in the future. which requires continuity and adaptation to new and changing technologies As for the outstanding burden of paying FT electricity on behalf of the people, 1.5 billion baht EGAT has allowed the system to reconcile EGAT from 6 installments to 7 installments of the FT fee. installments cannot be extended counted as the last line of heaven because it will affect the financial burden

While the country's energy pattern Agree that we have to move forward to receive green energy, renewable energy, but old fossil energy still needs to be the basic energy or back up to ensure stability and inexpensive cost because in the last 5-10 years, there are still alternative energy storage batteries. Expensive while sunlight or wind cannot produce electricity 24 hours a day. Therefore, the old power plant renovation project fossil fuel it is also necessary for country development planning which can be operated in both forms Installation of new technologies to reduce carbon emissions and the operation in the form of carbon storage or carbon capture, which EGAT has been studying this matter continuously.

“I am not worried about EGAT because in the past both executives and employees EGAT is doing a good job. In addition to looking at stability also plans with a new energy transition bring digital reduce greenhouse gas emissions Produce renewable energy such as floating solar, fuel, hydrogen. modernization carbon capture system electric vehicle or EV promotion of energy use of the country, etc. But would like the country's energy planning to look at the security and electricity costs of the people in the future coupled with the reduction of greenhouse gases that must be balanced,” said Mr. Boonyanit.

While EGAT continues to support new technologies, green energy, such as the Srinakarin Dam, prepares Invest in solar floating After the trial system has been implemented and invested in the construction of Baan Karin House (KARIN), a prototype of energy-saving home innovation. Gather all-inclusive green energy service technologies To create understanding among people and businesses in the use of electricity from clean energy and energy management through real experiences. Meet the growing demand for clean energy. and aiming for the country's Carbon Neutrality goal

By designing according to the house number 5 criteria, emphasizing the principle of relying on nature Generate electricity from sunlight with solar panels. energy storage battery And use intelligent technology to manage energy in the house in a complete way, such as the ENZY Platform developed by EGAT with an AI model behind the scenes. To control and manage the production of electricity from solar cells and batteries to suit the efficiency of home electrical use. And keep track of the amount of electricity used on the day of arrival to summarize the energy report (Energy Report) for guests to be aware of the use of energy in the house. A Wallbox electric car charger is also available for guests using electric cars.

At present, EGAT has applied Ban Karin's energy innovation technology. Expanded into Smart Energy Solutions business in universities, zoos, industrial factories. housing development Office buildings and hospitals to support the transition to green electricity in society. Those interested can inquire for details at Or book a house at @kscvilla.snr .– Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency