“Ekanat” warns bully people who have different opinions May escalate into a threat to violate rights.

Bangkok, Aug. 5 – "Akanat" posted a Facebook post stating that Thai politics is a democracy in a hybrid parliamentary system. Must nominate a candidate for the prime minister. before the election campaign But not that the prime ministerial candidate of the party that has the most votes must be prime minister Coming out to threaten - bully people who have different views Fear of escalating and threatening and violating the rights of others which is not in accordance with democratic principles

Mr. Ekanat Promphan, secretary-general of the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTP), posted on Facebook that "With respect.. the voice of the Thai people according to democracy"

The new constitution of 2017 is a constitution that has passed a referendum with a majority of Thai people throughout the country. It is considered a democratic polling process. And after the current constitution comes into force Thailand has already passed two elections, in 2019 and the most recent in 2023.

that political parties can come out and present their stances speak openly on stage Released through all media channels no matter how violent the content is It is proof that elections are free and fair (Free and Fair), not blocked at all. according to democratic principles

But the supporters themselves had to accept the proposals of other political parties. That reflects the diverse needs of the people who vote.

Coming out to threaten bully people who have different opinions through the media forcing society to be distorted according to its own needs May escalate into a threat to violate the rights of others. which is not in accordance with democratic principles

Today, the democratic parliamentary elections are over. The Progressive Party came in first with 151 MPs, Pheu Thai Party came in second place with 141 MPs, and other parties altogether got 208 MPs, bringing the total to 500.

The Progressive Party is the number one party. But still not enough to be a majority to vote for Prime Minister. Or form a government in a parliamentary electoral system

democratic electoral system There are two simple systems used by many countries: the presidential system. (Presidential System) directly elects the leader of the country. And the other system is the parliamentary system, in which MPs are elected from political parties and then MPs and political parties are allowed to elect national leaders and form the next government.

The Thai system is primarily a parliamentary system. But because there is a requirement to nominate a prime ministerial candidate before the election campaign. So it's like a mixed system. Or may be called a Hybrid System, it is probably possible, which may confuse people. I thought it was going to directly elect a candidate for the Prime Minister.

In fact There is no set rule in the rules that Candidate Prime Minister of the party that gets the most votes will become Prime Minister. And in the international parliamentary system, there is no rule in the rules that The top party will be the mainstay in forming the government. Rather, it is a customary practice to give first-ranked parties the opportunity to proceed first.

At present, it is still during the time when the provisional provisions in the constitution allow senators to participate in the election of the prime minister. also in effect which resulted in more questions. which passed a referendum in 2016 with 15.1 million votes or 58% of those who voted

Satisfied or dissatisfied, but passed a referendum. This is considered a poll with the majority of the people in the country. Compare that to the Brexit referendum in the United Kingdom, where Leave beat the Remains by a margin of 52% to 48%, even though the decision was emotionally divisive and hurt the country's economy. But the government has to comply. With respect to the majority in the democratic voting system.

Come today in Thailand.. The use of votes in parliament to vote for the prime minister It is regarded as the process of selecting a leader in the parliamentary system. How did the result come out? How does the appearance come out? satisfied or dissatisfied It is a democratic process. should have sportsmanship Respect the majority of the people and the decisions of the elected representatives of the House of Representatives as well. – Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency