“Ekapok” agrees to pilot the policy of opening bright pubs in tourist provinces.

Bangkok, "Ekapop" agrees to pilot the policy of opening bright pubs in tourist provinces. Believed to help cut off channels for paying tribute to government officials. and promote tourism

Mr. Ekaphob Luangprasert Advisor to the Minister of Interior and the founder of the Saimai page must survive Referring to the case of officials from the Provincial Administration Department going out to drink and eat at a pub in Chiang Mai Province. In the early hours of last Wednesday and was raided and arrested by the police Due to opening time

In this case, if it is a natural person who goes to drink and eat at a pub that is open after hours, it is not considered illegal. But in this case, it is a government official. Has a duty to comply and act according to the law It has a duty to arrest service establishments that are already breaking the law. When one fails to perform one's duty, one commits an offense according to law. Base of neglecting to perform duties When such an event occurs Officials must answer social questions and provide explanations. Because don't forget that when Department of Provincial Administration officials arrest illegal entertainment venues Local police must also be held responsible. Therefore, in this case, when Provincial Administration officials, who are state officials, do not arrest entertainment venues that are open beyond their hours, which is illegal must be prosecuted Wrong must be said according to wrong.

As for the case where the Ministry of Interior has a policy to open pubs Open a service location Can be opened until bright in the area of 5 provinces at noon. He completely agrees. because in a tourist province Tourists who come in want to travel, relax and find entertainment. Opening the pub until then will serve tourists. It promotes tourism and the economy in tourist provinces. Importantly, the opening of such a pub is seen as closing the gap in paying tribute to government officials.

Source: Thai News Agency