Elemental Cognition Announces Strategic AI Partnership with Google Cloud To Accelerate Time to Value for Enterprises Across Research & Discovery and Expert Assist Use Cases

NEW YORK, Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Elemental Cognition (EC.ai), an advanced artificial intelligence company backed by Bridgewater Associates and Breyer Capital announces a global strategic partnership with Google Cloud to power its portfolio of horizontal and vertical offerings with Google Cloud’s generative AI. EC’s patented AI approach understands and applies business knowledge to assist enterprise and consumer stakeholders in solving complex problems with greater reliability, faster time to value, and broader reach. EC.ai, built natively on Google Cloud, uniquely combines Google Cloud Foundational LLMs on Vertex AI and natural language understanding (NLU) with advanced reasoning to ensure both fluency and correctness. Elemental Cognition Founder and CEO, Dr. David Ferrucci, who previously led the creation of IBM Watson, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, sharing, “We’re excited about the tremendous potential our partnership has to accurately solve complex enterprise problems and deliver transformative AI solutions they can trust.”

EC’s offerings solve for two use case categories:

  1. Research & discovery: accelerate accurate, evidence-based research by accounting for research approach and transparently automating the process from discovery to tracking and synthesizing evidence based answers, compressing days or weeks of work into just hours.
  2. Expert assist: quickly understand and transform business requirements into an intelligent, interactive problem-solving application that delivers unprecedented accuracy – from solving complex real-time resource scheduling to precise planning and configuration management.

“Google Cloud and Elemental Cognition share a commitment to address real-world use cases and add real value with generative AI,” said James Lee, General Manager, Startups and AI at Google Cloud. “Our partnership will help the Elemental Cognition team utilize Google Cloud’s infrastructure and powerful models and ultimately deliver greater innovation and AI solutions to customers in industries like life sciences, public sector, logistics, and more.”

The partnership is prioritizing industries where grounded evidence and justified decision-making is paramount, such as life sciences, financial services, travel & logistics, higher education, and government. Together, EC and Google Cloud are first to market in providing turnkey, fully managed or hybrid application offerings that reduce time to value for Enterprises looking to see measurable impact from AI. For example:

  • Drug Discovery & Repurposing: A leading drug research firm reduced the time it takes to discover a potential drug repurposing opportunity from 4 weeks to 2 hours by implementing EC’s research and discovery solution that modeled and automated the researcher’s thought process, connected key insights across 30M PubMed documents, and reliably evidenced the new findings.
  • Complex Travel & Product Configuration: Oneworld global airline alliance launched a consumer-facing expert agent to assist travelers in building custom round-the-world itineraries creating an optimal solution by negotiating among complex fare rules, hard and soft customer preferences, and real-time operational data. Customers using EC’s solution are four times more likely to create bookable itineraries than those using the previous offering.
  • Education Pathway Planning: A leading university is offering advanced degree planning services using EC’s expert assist solution which supports students in creating and optimizing their education pathways, navigating even the most complex degree requirements while helping students achieve their individual goals. The result is a more personalized student experience that supports higher on-time graduation rates as well as reduced burden on stretched advising staff.

Elemental Cognition solutions will be available in Google Cloud Marketplace with the added advantage of an ecosystem of system integrators to provide enhanced domain expertise and last mile customization. To read more about EC’s use of Google Cloud generative AI, see the expansion blog featured today on the Google Cloud partner blog and visit Elemental Cognition featured in the Google Gen AI Pavilion at Google Cloud Next, August 29-31.

About Elemental Cognition

Elemental Cognition (EC)’s Generative AI reliably solves your hardest problems by combining Large Language Models (LLMs) with a variety of other AI techniques to ensure accurate solutions to complex, dynamic problems. Our mission at EC is to accelerate and improve critical decision making where trust, accuracy, and transparency matter.

EC was founded in 2015 by Dr. David Ferrucci, the renowned AI researcher and inventor of IBM’s breakthrough Watson technology, to create the next wave of AI. Visit us at https://www.ec.ai.

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