Fans can accept it if they have to pull the voice of 2 uncles to support the government.

Pheu Thai Party, 9 Aug- "Pae Thong Tarn" smiles, red-shirted people flock to support Blessing for the establishment of a successful government, while the "fan club" promises to accept it if they join the uncle's party and make the country move forward. The person who promised to do his best. Hope to push forward the policy as promised.

Ms. Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, Pheu Thai Party's candidate for Prime Minister Entered the Pheu Thai Party office to attend a meeting to follow up on the party's activities by coming down to the 1st floor to buy a drink at the Think lab shop and meeting Pheu Thai fans who came to cheer up. Ask for a photo and signature.

At one point, Pheu Thai Party fans inquired about the progress of the coalition to form a government. ready to support the 2 uncles' parties to help increase their voices, stating that we have fought each other, we must be in the government Why are we willing to be in opposition? In which Ms. Pat Thongtarn replied that people said that we said we could turn off the senator switch if we landed a slide. But today we didn't succeed. And when it's not successful, you have to look at the numbers on how to set up a government. We want to push forward the policies of the Pheu Thai Party. The party must fight which he knows that many fans understand As for those who don't understand, they still have emotions. But Wang explained to each other with reasons. Do not fight with violence

“People came to cheer me up and I was happy. And I'm glad that everyone understands because the Pheu Thai Party failed to complete the land slide. When that fails, we, as the party that won the second place in the election, must form a government. We tried our best to form a government. In order to continue to push forward our policies as promised to the people. Including understanding everyone who is having different feelings which I have been through as well. we must head The interests of the people and the nation must come first. Therefore, you have to step over it. If Ink asks for something I only ask for encouragement from everyone," Ms. Pae Thongtarn said.

When asked about the atmosphere at the meeting of MPs Yesterday (August 8), Ms. Pat Thongtarn told reporters in a good mood that she came to interview us today or not. We'll come down to buy snacks. good to meet everyone in which everyone in the party encouraged each other At this moment, there are still many people who do not understand the Pheu Thai Party. But if we look at the principle, we try to do our best.

Then Ms. Pae Thongtarn entered the Think lab shop to buy drinks from the menu. "Dang Soda Lime" and joked that adding redness is not red enough, you have to add more. Before signing autographs for the fans who came to meet in a friendly manner.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency