Finance Minister reveals LTF is definitely coming, waiting for the capital market to jointly determine project details.

House of Representatives,, Finance Minister confirms that a new round of LTF funds will definitely occur. The government supports investments that are stable and provide savings for the people. The Stock Exchange of Thailand is working with the Ministry of Finance to determine the details. Mr. Pichai Chunhavajira, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Mentioning the reintroduction of Long-term Equity Fund (LTF) for tax deduction benefits to attract investors, stating that the project promotes investment in good stocks and savings at the same time. It will definitely happen. Currently, the Stock Exchange of Thailand is working with the Ministry of Finance to consider the details. However, it is not only LTF that is considering setting up other types of funds. to attract investment from abroad At the same time, there may be a reorganization of the industry group structure of listed companies and business categories (Sector) because even during periods when the stock market index is down But if consid ering each business category Some categories were stable and some categories were increasing. Therefore, if the structure is reorganized, it is believed that Investors will be more interested. But I would like to give the Stock Exchange of Thailand a little more time to continue working. It is also necessary to build confidence (Trust and Confident) in the Thai capital market. It is important to create a mechanism to manage inappropriate investments, which can restore confidence to the Thai capital market. Source: Thai News Agency