From lovers to legal partners! “Noom-June” didn’t end up easily, arguing heatedly in the comments.

Nine Entertainment From the case of Num Kala suing his wife June Penchulee on behalf of the company, alleging that the wife had embezzled the company's money for 9 years by transferring the money into a personal account. The total amount is more than 66 million baht. He emphasizes that he does not want to get it back. Just ask to pay off more than 20 million in debt and ask for 5 million baht with you, then go and finalize the divorce. Later, the wife came out to explain various details for each month before asking again: 'A wife, as an accountant, takes care of the company and orders payments for the benefit of the company and family. Is this like embezzlement? I have always done this for many years. So why are you suing now? I've explained it many times, but my husband may not understand. I'll finish preparing the evidence and let the court look at it and see if this is called embezzlement or not.' This is in the comments. Both June and Noom Kala came out to argue a lot before parting ways and telling eac h other to meet at the court. June Penchulee explains her expenses in detail after Noom Kala revealed that she embezzled 66 million baht from the company. Num Kala asks June where 66 million has gone? Loud! Able to explain, ready to divorce, not intending to destroy the other person's life. Source: Thai News Agency