Government spokesperson explains all answers regarding digital wallets

Bangkok, A government spokesperson clarifies all answers regarding digital wallets through infographics, answering questions on people's minds.

Mr. Chai Watcharong, Spokesman of the Prime Minister's Office, published infographics on questions on the people's Digital Wallet, answering all questions the public has about the Digital Wallet policy.

Spokesperson for the Prime Minister's Office Clarifies issues that still have doubts regarding the economic stimulus policy. in Thai society through infographics so that people can understand the concepts, principles, and implementation of measures. All of which arose from careful consideration by the government of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister, who wanted to stimulate spending to create money circulating in the economy, increase opportunities, and improve lifestyles. develop living conditions Reduce inequality in society

“The Prime Minister has confirmed his work since the first day he took office. Want to develop the nation to bring about change. And most importantly, it makes the lives of our fellow citizens better. There are many works that have already been accomplished within just 60 days of assuming duties. And now the government is committed to improving the overall picture of the entire economic system, solving old problems, increasing the chance of avoiding economic problems in the future. ” Mr. Chai said.

Source: Thai News Agency