Government whip pushes motion on whether “Padipat” is suitable to sit as Deputy President of the House of Representatives or not?

Whips the government Prepare to push the motion for debate Is "Padipat" suitable to sit in the position of 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives after being expelled from the Kao Klai Party? Emphasize the need to distinguish between drama resolutions and real resolutions. Please wait for the truth to be proven in parliament.

Mr. Adisorn Piangkaset, Chairman of the Government Whip Said that at this week's meeting of the House of Representatives there was an important motion that would be submitted for discussion in the meeting regulations2. The big issue is the case of flooding which is a serious problem. And in the case of Mr. Padipat Santipada's duties as the 1st Vice President of the Council, are they appropriate or not? After being expelled from the Kao Klai Party

Mr. Adisorn raised the regulations of the Progressive Party at 64(5) regarding expulsion from the Kai Party. You must have committed a serious breach of discipline. Seriously unethical And there were other serious incidents, which Mr. Adisorn considered that when he read them, he knew that they did not comply with party regulations. therefore had no intention of expelling Even though in reality Expelling someone from the party is a political death sentence. Therefore, one must distinguish between the drama's resolution and the actual resolution. It is different. This one is like Matilikae Mo Lam. Can it be proven? Let's look at the discussion. Moreover, if he is truly expelled from the party There is no duty to discuss and assist Mr. Padipat in the House.

As for the expectation of proposing this motion, whether or not there will be a vote to elect a new first vice-chairman of the council, Mr. Adisorn said that he would like to have a discussion on the suitability of holding the position at the council meeting. Since such cases are rarely found Including not claiming that the constitution is wrong and therefore doing this. Because the principles of the constitution require the separation of the opposition and the government. which is the same throughout the world

This is not to bring internal matters of the Progressive Party to be discussed at the council meeting. But it is an issue regarding the position of Deputy Speaker of the Council. And if the Progressive Party is mentioned, it can explain. Including the regulations of each political party. It is a law that everyone should know. appear to the public Can explain to society

Mr. Adisorn emphasized that the Pheu Thai Party does not want this position. But the position of Vice-President of the Council must be dignified. If the expelled person is still the vice president of the council The public is difficult to respect.

Reporters report that the proportion of chairmen of all 35 committees has not yet been finalized. Because the Progressive Party was originally going to have 11 committees but expelled Mr. Patipat. It must be reduced to 10 groups. In this matter, the Kao Klai Party and the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party must discuss this matter. Before bringing the matter of appointing a committee to the general council meeting It is expected that within this week it should be completed.

Source: Thai News Agency