Governor of Bangkok reiterates that general establishments will still close at the same hours as before.

Bangkok,, "Governor Chatchat" emphasizes that general establishments will still close at the same time, not until 4 a.m. If there is an announcement, he will focus on service establishments in still zones first.

Mr. Chatchat Sitthiphan, Governor of Bangkok Revealed during the governor's activities Traveling in Bueng Kum District Regarding the zoning division that was discussed with the Prime Minister yesterday (3 Nov.), namely the opening of service establishments until 4 a.m., he emphasized that there is no general service establishment opening until 4 a.m. Currently, there are 2 types of service establishments: Legit service establishments with establishments that are similar to service establishments All establishments in Bueng Kum District do not have any service establishments. It will be a restaurant that has music and sells liquor and alcohol. These shops are open until 1:00 a.m. The hours have not been extended yet. As for service establishments with extended hours, they will be in 3 zones, such as Silom, Patpong, RCA, New Petchaburi, Ratchadaphisek, and groups that received establishment licenses before this Act, there are approximately 200 establishments in Bangkok

In this matter, if the Ministry of Interior agrees, it will issue a royal decree or ministerial regulation that extends the hours until 4 a.m., including service establishments located in hotels. This will allow for more detailed care. and does not affect the general public. In general, establishments and shops such as the Thonglor area are still closed at the same hours as before. unchanged At this time, the emphasis will be on service establishments which are in the zoned areas first as required by law.

Pol. Gen. Adis Ngamjitsuksri, Advisor to the Governor of Bangkok He added that The Ministry of Interior is the host according to the Hospitality Facilities Act, which Bangkok will manage as proposed by the Ministry of Interior, namely service establishments that have a service establishment license according to Section 3 (1) (2) (3) (4) and ( 5) Extend hours until 4 a.m. for restaurants with music. There was a musical performance. Liquor is sold At the meeting, it was informed that the level might be reduced to around 2:00 a.m. in terms of laws, ministerial regulations, or announcements from the Prime Minister's Office. The government side will take action. Bangkok only permits restaurants, food collection, food distribution, and business establishments that are hazardous to health, namely the use of noise and musical performances. The Bangkok Governor has ordered to be strict in issuing licenses. and use AI to control business operations in order not to have an impact Also known as "tee kin" and the issue of licenses for service establishments.

Source: Thai News Agency