Grab a hand to pierce an ATM, snatch almost 400,000 baht, Nakhon Si Thammarat province accepts debt

Nakhon Si Thammarat, Aug. 20-Arrested a criminal who hacked into an ATM in Nakhon Si Thammarat province. Earn almost 4 hundred thousand baht in cash as a welder Confessed to doing it because he had a lot of unscrupulous debt and his car was being confiscated.

The incident occurred on the night of August 16, the past. The scene of the incident was an ATM in front of Ratchaprachanukroh 8 School, Tha Sala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province. The condition of the cabinet was tampered with and gas was used to cut the equipment parts of the cabinet until they could be separated. And the criminal took more than 400,000 baht in cash from the ATM before escaping Police officers collected evidence at the scene and examined CCTV footage and were able to issue an arrest warrant.

Most recently, yesterday (Aug. 19), the police arrested the culprit by the Tha Sala Police Station bringing an arrest warrant to the Nakhon Si Thammarat Provincial Court. They raided and arrested Mr. Anucha, 32, at his home in Tha Khon Subdistrict, Tha Sala District, for the nighttime theft case. by destroying the barrier For the convenience of obtaining property, search found important evidence such as flamethrowers, gas cylinders and oxygen cylinders. along with 216,000 baht in cash. In addition, one vehicle used as a vehicle in the crime was also seized, which matches the image of the car recorded in the CCTV recorded near the crime scene.

Initially, the accused confessed that he was the real perpetrator and acted alone. Caused by heavy informal debt problems And also being sued by a car finance company, the car will be confiscated, resulting in a stall and unable to pay off the debt in time therefore decided to cause such an event

As for the reason for choosing the ATM at this point, because I recently went to work as a welder with my father at a school near the ATM location and saw that the crime scene was clear from the eyes of people. Especially at night, this area is very quiet. Rarely have people come to use the service. therefore went to cause In which he used his knowledge of welding metal to cause I don't have any knowledge of ATMs. As for the steel cutting tool I have taken my father's stuff to use. but confirmed that the father did not know anything After receiving the money, part of the money was used to pay off the debt. But before he could pay off all his debts, he was arrested by the police. The police have detained them and prosecuted according to the law.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency