Heavy rain on Doi Suthep Many roads are flooded.

Heavy rain on Doi Suthep and Chiang Mai city. Floodwaters blocked many roads - in many communities, the mayor revealed that he was accelerating the laying of new pipe systems. Let the water drain faster.

last evening Heavy rain occurred in Chiang Mai city. and on Doi Suthep causing flooding on many roads and many communities In Chiang Mai Municipality Especially in the Kadkom community area, Suriyawong Road and Nantaram Road. The flood level is higher than 20-30 centimeters, making it difficult for small vehicles to travel. and several motorcycles died Most shops and restaurants are closed. Garbage flows along with the stream. Blockages in the pipes cause further delays in drainage. As for the route to Chiang Mai Airport Bua Rawong Intersection, Sirindhorn Road, Khuang Sing Intersection outbound. also affected

Mr. Asanee Buranupakorn, Mayor of Chiang Mai Municipality It was revealed that the amount of rain measured was more than 50 millimeters, causing the water to not be drained in time. Initially, municipal officials Open the drain cover. In the Suriyawong Road area which looks like a pan and dismantle the clogged garbage To speed up drainage into the Mae Kha Canal Makes water flow and drain faster. As for solving long-term problems Currently, we have requested a budget of 250 million baht from the Department of Public Works to install a new pipe system. Let the water drain faster. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency