Highway police believe in the issue of “Highway Tribute” as the cause of the shooting of “Inspector Bank”

The Highway Patrol believes that the "Highway Officer" was the cause of the shooting of "Inspector Bank" because the house of "Kamnan Nok" had more than 100 trucks, which were too heavy. "Kamnan Nok" had tried to contact and negotiate earlier, but “Bank Inspector” refused.

Today, Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat Pankaew is acting highway police commander. who attended the royal cremation ceremony of Police Lieutenant Colonel Siwakorn Saibua, or Inspector Bank, with Police General Torsak Sukwimon, Deputy Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police. presiding over the ceremony Pol. Maj. Gen. Charoonkiat Said again that the incident was caused by a problem with a truck tribute. Because Kamnan Nok's house has more than 100 trucks which are overweight. Bank inspectors have taken legal action. Kamnan Nok had tried to contact and negotiate earlier. But the bank inspector refused. Because he is a straightforward person and it is a matter of policy to suppress this matter. But when there was a party and the supervisor called Inspector Bank to attend the event. To improve understanding with Kamnan Nok Kamnan Nok instead used this opportunity to ask for a position for his grandson. which was again rejected. humiliate It is the source of ordering subordinates to manage.

Acting Highway Police Commander also said that the loss of Inspector Bank high command Whether it is the Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Commander of the Central Investigation Police and grade level supervisors including fellow police officers Also, a former senior police officer They couldn't accept the incident. and emphasizes the need to proceed with cleaning up bad blood or bad police officers Let it all go away.

Mr. Apichart Phairungruang, President of the Land Transport Association of Thailand Came out to reinforce this point that The issue of this case The story of Kamnan Nok ordering Mr. Nong to shoot the bank inspector. The issue is said to come from a request to switch police positions. Car shift and radio shift When he couldn't, he gave the order to shoot. It shouldn't be a strong enough reason. There are probably other issues as well. Who doesn't want the police to abandon the issue of highway tributes. And I want this lesson to be taken away. Both the issue of the work of low-level police officers who work with sacrifice.

I would like to pass on the issue of this highway tribute to the Prime Minister. Before the incident, we knew that the tribute problem would become serious again. And this problem has deep roots 20-30 years ago, overloading trucks. and use tribute stickers as a passport causing damage to Thai highways A huge amount of money must be spent on maintenance each year.

Source: Thai News Agency