House members vow to work harder amid high survey ratings

Members of the House of Representatives on Sunday promised to work harder and be worthy of the high rating they obtained based on a recent OCTA Research survey. Speaker Ferdinand Martin Romualdez thanked Filipinos for recognizing their efforts to pass the necessary bills in support of the prosperity agenda of President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. ''I thank our people for recognizing the work we do at the House of Representatives for them and the nation under the Marcos administration. That (survey) will inspire us to push on and even work harder to remain worthy of their trust,' Romualdez said in a news release. 'We have already made some headway, and we will carry on with those tasks with more vigor until we have achieved the goals we have set out to do,' he added. He said the House would remain focused on stabilizing the prices of rice, onions and other staples, and helping those adversely affected by government measures to keep commodity prices low, such as retailers, small traders and market stallholders. The OCTA Research survey for the period July 22 to 26 showed that 54 percent of respondents were satisfied with the performance of the House of Representatives. Only 9 percent were dissatisfied while 36 percent were undecided. The House also gained a 55-percent trust rating while distrust was at 7 percent. Senior Deputy Speaker and Pampanga 3rd District Rep. Aurelio Gonzales Jr. said the respondents' veritable vote of approval further inspires them to work harder. 'To know that more than half of our countrymen trust us and approve of what we have been doing in this chamber galvanizes us to push forward. If they like what they see, then more of it they will see," Gonzales said. Cavite 4th District Rep. Elpidio Barzaga Jr. said their efforts to lessen the burden of Filipinos by helping lower the prices of rice in the market have paid off. 'Speaker is on the right track. This simply means the Speaker - and that includes us representatives of our institution - is on the right track. Regardless of what naysayers have been saying, the people have apparently started appreciating the work that he did, and of course with us as a support group,' Barzaga said. He said the high rating becomes a continuing challenge for them to do more and reach a level where a larger majority of the Filipino people will benefit from government initiatives. 'Just like in basketball, we already did good in the first half of the game. So now, we will keep and even step up the pace until the end of the race,' he added

Source: Philippines News Agency